Tuesday, January 25, 2005

I Found This - Passion Fruit Flavored Kit Kat -

When I read this post by chika and saw all those “new” and/or “limited-edition” stuff, I ended up leaving a whiney comment. It’s one sad thing about living in a very small town in Japan f-a-r away from big cities. Often we can’t find such “special” ones in nearby supermarkets.

I got particularly interested in the Pistachio Look chocolate in her post, and when I dropped by a supermarket on my way back from work, I looked for one.
.....Just disappointment…. though I had expected that.
Instead, I found this:

"New" KitKat - Takagi original-

This is a passion-fruit flavored Kit Kat, named “Kit Kat ‘Takagi-original’ .” Looks like it was an invention by some famous patissier called Mr. Takagi.

The combination of slightly sour passion fruit flavor and sweet chocolate was interesting.
My impression was, to be honest, “Yeah, I like this taste…but it doesn’t have to be Kit Kat.”


chika said...


I didn't see this!!

And well, if we say "it doesn't have to be kitkat", nothing really should be, right? :P I do know what you mean though... Almost every time I buy and try those kinds of stuff I go "so what?", but will still buy another new stuff... it's a sad practice.

And hey, I live in do-inaka in the middle of pacific ocean, too!

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

it's me again,

aha! I was thinking about using BloggerHacks comment system as well... is it working right? 

Posted by chika

Anonymous said...

Geee... passion fruit? Now that's a new flavour for me.  

Posted by fish fish

Anonymous said...

Definitely quicker! Took so much stress off of me (and other commenters, too, I guess) :D
I just tested deleting my own comment above, and it worked.
For me there’s only one inconvenience, but it’s nothing important, so I can live with that.

Oh, about the KitKat ‘takagi original’--- it came out just a couple of days ago, so no wonder you didn’t see it while you were in Japan. I thought I would like a simple ‘passion-fruit-cream filled chocolate’ better ...

Posted by obachan

Anonymous said...

My comment above is a response to chika's

Hi fish fish
Oh you just got ahead of me! Yeah, it 's an interesting combination. 

Posted by obachan

Anonymous said...

Lucky lucky you! Get to enjoy all these limited edition! If only Australia is so much more adventurous..... 

Posted by pinkcocoa

Anonymous said...

Hi pinkcocoa,
Well, they might get adventurous in the future in Australia, too. Those limited edition things were not so popular in Japan several years ago. Now looks like everyone is jumping on the wagon. 

Posted by obachan