Thursday, January 06, 2005

Celebration! - Seafood Paella and Clam Chowder -

My dinner tonight: Seafood Paella, Clam Chowder and Champagne with Strawberries!

I worked SO hard today. Usually, the first week of the month it the busiest week, but it got worse this week because of a sudden schedule change. I had to finish certain work today, which was originally due next Monday, and I was not supposed to work overtime. Imagine how much pressure I had, having to get everything done in a great hurry. When I got out of the office, I told myself, “I deserve a gorgeous dinner tonight.”

When I visited my parents’ for the New Year’s days, I scrounged around in the kitchen and brought back some foods, liquor, seasoning materials and coffee. Among them was, believe it or not, a bottle of champagne!! (Actually it was an end-of-year gift that my aunt received from someone, with 2 bottles of wine, but she doesn’t drink so she left them at my parents’ house for me to take.) Today, I decided to open it and celebrate.

I felt like seafood today, so I made seafood paella and clam chowder. And… I bought some strawberries. OK, I admit it….it’s an idea I got from the movie, “Pretty Woman.” Did you watch that movie? Do you remember the scene that Julia Roberts and Richard Gere had champagne with strawberries at a hotel room? He said something like “Strawberries bring out the flavor of champagne” or something like that, IIRC. That was one thing I really wanted to try out myself, and today I went for it : )

The seafood paella and clam chowder were OK, except the clam chowder didn’t have as much clam flavor as I wanted. (I should have bought more clams.)

What was magnificent was the combination of the champagne and strawberries!!

You know what? I’m feeling like Julia Roberts right now : ) Now I’m ready for some ice cream…


Ms One Boobie said...

Hey .. Obachan.. :)
Wat a lovely way to spend your evening.. :) Champagne and Strawberries .. huh..mmmm.. gotta try it... sometime.. :) The seafood paella looks wonderful.. :)

obachan said...

It would have been more romantic with candle light, but my red one burned out last Christmas so I had none. Now I have about half a bottle of vapid champagne. Gotta find a recipe to use it up somehow.

Immortal Geisha said...

Hi Obachan!

The seafood paella looks delicious! My husband is always talking about the good seafood paella he ate as a young kid when he visited Spain. He is trying to find a resturant that has good seafood paella for me to try.

Perhaps, I should try to convince him to make it for me? (He has promised to cook me at least one GOOD 3 course meal this year! Yay!). I'll give (not so) subtle hints about including champagne and strawberries, also! =)


Evil Jonny said...

"Pretty Oba-chan, walking down the street, pretty Oba-chan...

The kind I like to meet, pretty Oba-chan...

I don't believe you, you're not the truth

No one could cook as good as you. Mercy!"

Unknown said...

that is one great photograph Obachan!(last one w/ch. flute and strawberries)..husband says it's awesome!

obachan said...

> Naomi --- Mmmmm….!! The good seafood paella in Spain! --* drool*-- Mine was far from Spanish style…. I want to taste a real good, typically Spanish one someday. Hope your husband find a good restaurant for you, or be convinced to cook for you ;) Good luck!

> Jonny --- Wow! What a compliment! ….Now it’s hard to make a confession that I burned the bottom of the paella….

> drstel --- Just don’t tell your husband that I needed to cut off both edges of the original photo because my laundries were showing in the background…. ;)

chika said...

champagne and strawberries, that is a classic, I LOVE it. The other day when I was at a bar and drinking champaignes, a bartender offered me few slices strawberries along with some sugar, telling me to put a spoonful in the glass and leave it sink at the bottom to absorb the champagne. And the last sip came with a plump strawberry slice and sugar that had soaked up the champagne... that was good.

I did watch Pretty Woman but can't remember the part :x

JMom said...

Hi Obachan! Lovely pictures, and delicious looking paella. LOL re. cropping the laundy. I do that all the time too, crop pictures to not show my mess in the background :)

obachan said...

> chika --- A plump strawberry slice and sugar in champagne…! Definitely sounds like a must-try.

> JMom --- So I’m not the only one! :D Thanks for telling me.

Anonymous said...

hi obachan,

It's amazing that you'd take the time to prepare a sumptuous meal after such a hectic day. The paella looks delicious. In fact, all your food pictures make me salivate. You've got a lovely blog here! :)


obachan said...

Hi Julia,
Thanks for dropping by and commenting:)
Actually first I thought about eating out, but decided to save some money for my trip to Kansai. There’s no doubt that my photo-taking is improving faster than my cooking and English. For me the good thing about photos is that you can’t actually taste them ;P