Saturday, January 08, 2005

Something Totally New to me -Arare Cookies-

Arare Cookies

This post by Reid of Ono Kine Grindz was almost shocking to me. Arare in cookies! Absolutely unbelievable combination! I thought, at first. But then I thought, “Hmmmm, wait, maybe not.” Like he commented, the soy-sauce flavor and crunchiness of arare must be good in sweet cookie dough. Gee, I gotta give it a try!

And the result is the yummy-looking photo on top. I used these peanuts arare from the 100-yen section of a nearby supermarket.

Peanuts Arare: 105 yen a bag

I broke them into smaller pieces before throwing into the dough. I also chopped the peanuts and added to the last half of the batch.

They are sooooooooooo good! The arare are much crunchier than I expected. And indeed, the combination of the sweet cookie and soy-sauce flaver is definitely 2 thumbs up!

Thanks Reid! You sure have a creative mind.
I might try with some kind of spicy arare next time :D


chika said...

It was a bit of "shock" to me as well when I first came across arare cookies at a souvenir shop in Honolulu Airport. "Arare Cookies" it read, and it took me a while to recognize that the "arare" was indeed arare rice crackers that I had been so familiar with. I didn't buy one that time, but later I tried and got a bag (they are pretty popular over there in Hawaii) and actually quite liked them. I have never tried to make them myself, but since both yours and Reid's look so yummy I might as well give it a try... Great job!

Fish Fish said...

Obachan, now fish fish thinking of how will Ume Niku Arare will taste in a biscuit. :P Cheers to Reid n U... ;)

obachan said...

> chika --- Oh, are they so popular over there? (Maybe I should change the caption of the photo.)
Hawaii must be an interesting place. I really want to visit there someday.

> fish fish --- What an idea! Another creative mind ne?

Reid said...

Hi obachan,

I'm glad you liked the cookies. I've been making these cookies for more than 10 years and everyone seems to enjoy them. In the last several years, I've noticed that they've become quite popular and are now being manufactured commercially. I've never thought of trying to make them with the peanut arare...sounds good though. Thanks for giving me the idea! =)

Annie said...

I have a friend who makes Rice Krispie cookies. I keep telling her to stop because I always eat too many!! I never heard of arare cookies, either, but the peanut ones could be vaguely like a crunchy peanut-butter cookie? I'm not a very big cookie fan (unless they're chocolate) so I'm always looking for something different to make for people. These would certainly fit the bill. ;)

obachan said...

Hi Reid,
Oh, so glad that you got well! Welcome back!. I enjoyed these arare cookies so much.

Hi Annie,
You know, it’s so funny that once I try something new and it turned out well, I feel like experimenting on “something different” more and more… I wonder if many people feel the same way.