Thursday, January 13, 2005

A Day of Disappointment - Yomogi Udon -

Yomogi (Japanese mugwort) udon

Today was my first complete day off since January 3rd. I thought about cooking or baking something, but ended up just goofing off. Yes, again. Forgive me, almost everything I had today was “just-heat-it-up-and-eat” stuff.

This yomogi (Japanese mugwort) udon caught my eyes when I was aimlessly wandering around in the supermarket. Its green color looked so healthy. But when I tried it in “instant” soup, it was nothing but just disappointing…there was almost no yomogi flavor at all. The egg was good, though.

After the dinner, I had hot ginger drink which was also an “instant mix.”

Instant Shouga-yu (Hot Ginger Drink)

It tasted good. (I mean, how can you fail when all you have to do is just add certain amount of boiling water?) I guess I’m going to eat some tangerine oranges to take VC and go to bed early tonight. I was up until 4:30am this morning, so my energy level was rather low all day…. Night-night!


Ziz said...

Obachan! We are on book 9 together!!!!! :D

obachan said...

Hi alicat,
Yeah, I just saw it! I'm excited!! :D

Reid said...

Hi obachan,

Get some rest OK? You don't want to be coming down with a cold. I'm sorry that the yomogi udon wasn't so nice.

obachan said...

Thanks, I did. I slept in this morning, and feeling all better, went for another experiment. ;)

Fish Fish said...

Wah~ obachan... what did you do wake up so late? Hey, I love yomogi, was hoping u said it was a good yomogi udon. too bad~ U want try Uji Green Tea soba or not? Thinking of getting u that for Omiyage. :)

obachan said...

Hi fish fish,
I was watching a rented video, and just couldn’t go to sleep after the video was over. I LOVE green tea soba, but don’t worry about my omiyage too much. :) Have a good rest…especially rest your stomach.

Ms One Boobie said...

Hey .. Obachan.. :)
The udon looks so good though.. ??!!??
too bad.. it didn't taste so good.. :(

obachan said...

Well, I should’ve guessed from its cheap price actually….