Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Raisin Scones

Raisin Scones with Butter and Jam

These scones turned out just a little harder than I expected (maybe I overdid the dough), but still tasted pretty good. Yummy with tea.

Next time I want to try cheese and herb scones.


OsloFoodie said...

Gosh, I really miss scones, butter and jam and cream. This looks great, Obachan. Cheese and herb scones sound interesting.

Fish Fish said...

Geee... u changed the pic. This one looks better. At first I'm not sure if it was a scone or biscuit... Ok, now I get the answer. :P

obachan said...

> OsloFoodie --- Thanks. To be honest, I haven’t had real wonderful scones yet and have no idea what true scones would taste like. Will need more experience, I guess.

> fish fish --- Yeah, I thought this one would look more scone-like ;)

Ms One Boobie said...

Obachan.. your posting always make me go look for the kinda food you are eating.. :P now i've gotta go get scones.. tomorrow.. ;)

ting-aling said...

Hi Obachan. 'missed reading a lot of your posts..been reaaalllyyy busy. Daughter makes really good blueberry scones. ain't they good?

obachan said...

> MrsTweety --- Someone (American) once said I was “contagious.”

> ting-aling --- Hi ting! I read about the change in your work place. Congratulations! But yeah, looks like you're really busy now.
I’ve never tried blueberry scones yet. Now I’m curious….