Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Sweet Paradise 90 min!

Maybe some of you have been to fish fish’s blog already and found out we went to a cake buffet together last Sunday in Osaka ; ) It was so much fun, and so much food!!

This is the name of the place: "Sweet Paradise 90 min!" with all-you-can-eat for 1260 yen for 90 min!

Fish fish took more photos that show what this place was like. This is not what a restaurant does for certain time of the day only. To me it looked more like a fast-food shop.

First, we were told to buy tickets from the vending machine in the waiting area. What tickled me was that the machine had a button to issue “ryoshusho” (voucher). I wondered if anyone would try to have it paid as a business expense. Mmmmm, maybe young office ladies on a business trip?

My first plate

I just had to jump on cakes before anything. Then at the end of the pastry section, I found some savory foods were served, such as sandwitches, spaghetti and soups. I decided to come back for them on my 2nd round.

The cakes were not too sweet and actually better than I had expected from the price. And there were just too many kinds! (I guess I managed to try less than 2/3 of them, after all.)

My 2nd plate

These were tuna cream spaghetti and Japanese-style (maybe mentaiko?) spaghetti.

Ginger soup. They also had corn cream soup.

My 3rd plate

Curry- flavored spaghetti, salad, and some sweets, including Japanese dango (dumplings) with anko(sweet red-soybean paste)!

OMG, they have chirashizushi, too! At a cake buffet!!! Can you believe that?
It was a smart idea for stimulating our appetite, I think. If they had cakes only, I would have gotten tired of sweet tastes and quit eating a lot earlier. These savory and sour dishes, however, really balanced out and made me feel like going for some more sweets. What a dangerous place! I really wonder what their secret is to make profits out of this buffet. This kind of place cannot be successful in smaller cities, I think...

Another spaghetti…arabiata, IIRC.

Uh…. These are about 1/3 of all the plates/cups/glasses we used…

And ice cream topped with blueberry sauce + cornflakes and custard pudding. Of course, there’s always a special place for ice cream, you know.

Boy, I've never eaten this much sweets at one time in my entire life!! @_@

After the cake buffet, fish fish and I went to Karaoke to consume some calories ;) It was another nice place with incredibly low price!

Fish fish is a good singer. I was impressed. She also helped me find a Chinese song that I had been looking for. When I was in the U.S., a Chinese friend of mine recorded the song on a cassette tape and made photocopy of the lyrics for me, but the sound and the photocopy were not very clear. Then I misplaced the tape after coming back to Japan. Since then I’ve been wanting to find this song, but didn’t know the title. When I sang just a little part of the song, fish fish found it for me in the Karaoke book right away. Just like that! I’ve never dreamt of encountering this song again, and singing it again at a Karaoke place in Japan with a blogger friend!!

Life is so interesting, isn't it?!
Thanks a mil., fish fish :D You're a wonderful person!


Fish Fish said...

You are very welcome obachan. Kekeke... yah~ it was the 1st time in my life I consumed so much cakes in one go. :P Hey, I love the layout of this post of you. Very lively. Didn't know you can do a very good review on restaurant too. :P Especially like the leftover empty plates... They looks good. Geee... what an idea!

Dennis Mai said...

Hey Obachan, where's photo of fish fish? ^_^

obachan said...

> fish fish --- Thanks : ) I was able to take photos there just because you were with me. I feel shy and can’t go for it when I’m the only one to take food photos.

> Dennis --- No, we have to stay mysterious to readers ; ) I can tell you this, though…. we are not too far from Cleopatra.

pinkcocoa said...

hi hi obachan. seems like you girls had great time. Wish I were there too. I usually head to the cake section first at any type of buffet :p

Reid said...

Hi Obachan,

Sounds like you and fish fish had a wonderful time enjoying all those sweets. Like you, if there weren't savory dishes there, I probably wouldn't be able to eat too much.

obachan said...

> pinkcocoa --- Yep, we had a great time! You really have a sweet tooth, don’t ya? ;)

> Reid --- I was like “OMG~~~!!!” as I saw plates piling up in front of me like when I was in a kaitenzushi (rotating sushi restaurant) place.

Ms One Boobie said...

Hey.. Obachan.. ;)
Yes.. i've read the review on fish, fish blog first.. sorry ha.. :(
Glad you gals had a great time.. we've gotta get together.. if i'm in japan sometime soon.. ;)
Great food . .and good company.. one can't ask for more.. !

Thess said...

Sounds like a wonderful place to visit..or rather (in my case, I'll make sure my tummy is empty before hitting it).. food looked all good...and since you have tried it and liked it, I'm 2x as curious.

btw, your post also reminded me of my favorite chinese singer, Sandy Lam

obachan said...

> MrsTweety --- Yeah, please come to Japan someday! Good company makes food taste twice as good ; )

> Thess --- Yep! I wouldn’t say the food there was excellent, but wasn’t bad at all, considering the price. Really.
I didn’t know Sandy Lam, but I just googled and found out that she is popular in Japan, too.