Sunday, May 15, 2005

Agemono (Deep-fried Dish)

揚物Agemono (Deep-fried Dish)

- 天麩羅 きす・さつまいも・サヤマメ・ウドの芽 Deep-fried sand borer, sweet potatoes, snap beans and udo shoots
The picture looks a bit dull because I didn’t use colorful ingredients for tempura this time, but I was so satisfied with the taste.

Udo grows wild in northan part of Japan (I think?). Its shoots and young stems are edible, with fragrance and slight bitterness. I LOVE the crunchy udo tempura more than anything…it’s a real delicacy of spring in Japan. Kisu (sand borer) is small, light-tasting fish, said to be especially tasty in early summer before its egg-laying season.


Anonymous said...

The basket was a very nice touch too.. Obachan.. :) 

Posted by MrsT

Anonymous said...

where do you find the time...and energy to do such work? You must be very ambitious. Did you share your lovely meal with others? I hope all looks soooooo wonderful. 

Posted by carlyn

Anonymous said...

MrsT --- As you probably guessed, the basket is also from 100-yen shop.

carlyn --- Well, actually this kaiseki entry is a combination of 3 meals prepared and eaten at 3 different times, so it wasn't such a crazy amount of work at one time. Big cheating, hahaha....
I'm living alone so I didn't share the meals with anyone. 

Posted by obachan