Sunday, May 15, 2005

Yakimono (Broiled Dish)

焼物Yakimono (Broiled Fish)

- 鮭の木の芽味噌焼き Broiled salmon with kinome-miso
I seasoned salmon fillets with sake and a little salt, broiled them, and coated the top with some kinome-miso and broiled some more. The color combination of pink and green is lovely, isn’t it?


Anonymous said...

Absolutely yummy..!! my favourite fish..!!  

Posted by MrsT

Anonymous said...

looks great!!!!!!! Do you have a conventional oven and broiler? My family in Tokyo doesn't have a regular oven. I wanted to send them some mixes to bake, but alas, no oven....They do have a unit that broils, though. hmmmm....
I love salmon... yours looks terrific 

Posted by carlyn

Anonymous said...

MrsT --- I guess this salmon I used was from Canada or somewhere.

carlyn --- I have one microwave oven which has both microwave and oven functions. Also I have toaster oven and one electric broiler that I stole from my mom. I used to broil fish in my toaster oven, but I quit it because my toasts started smelling like fish. ;) 

Posted by obachan