Tuesday, May 10, 2005

I Felt Like Something Really Japanese Tonight

My colleague at the Izakaya wanted to take a day off this coming Thursday. So she and I made a deal that I cover for her on Thursday and instead take a night off tonight. Having a plenty of time for preparing supper triggered me to make something really Japanese tonight.
Here’s my supper:

Tamagoyaki & Grilled Dolphinfish with Kinome-miso (miso seasoned with fragrant leaf buds paste)

Simmered green peas...Imagine eating these with chopsticks

Cucumber with Moromi-miso

Moromi-miso on white rice

I guess I can give myself a credit for making the kinome-miso from scratch ;)

OK! I lied!! I didn’t make it from scratch --- but at least I didn’t buy a ready-made kinome-miso like this.

And you know what? If you're interested, it IS possible to make miso at home, literally "from scratch"... some stores in Japan do sell this kind of "make-your-own-home-made-miso kit."

Anyway, here's a few more kinome-miso related pics.

I didn't add egg to my kinome-miso today, but I'm going to next time.


Anonymous said...

how did u get that egg looking so good... i tried many times but failed 

Posted by pJ

Anonymous said...


Posted by MrsT

Anonymous said...

do u really eat dolphins????? 

Posted by frost

Anonymous said...

> pJ --- The secret is hiding any burnt parts when taking a photo and giving effective retouch afterwards. ;P

> MrsT --- Hehehe… I loved the last one the best.

> frost --- Welcome to my site! No, we don’t eat dolphins but we eat this  ;)

Posted by obachan

Anonymous said...

Looks wonderful. Do you use a special rectangular pan for the egg? I've tried using a regular pan and it just doesn't work...The miso looks great. You made it by scratch? Gosh, I thought it was a long and difficult process. Sure looks good.
Wow, you sure know how to use spare time,,ha ha.

Posted by carlyn

Anonymous said...

> carlyn --- No, I don’t have such a special tamagoyaki pan. I only use this  frying pan and had no problem so far.
Yes, making that miso was a long-term project. It took 5 years for the miso to mature and 7 years for the tree to grow big enough to have fragrant leaf buds…. No, of course not. You got me. I meant that I didn’t buy a ready-made “kinome-miso” from the store but made it myself by making the paste from the leaf buds and mixing it with some heated shiro-miso to which I added some sake and mirin. I shouldn’t have said “from scratch” in that case, right? Sorry.  

Posted by obachan

Anonymous said...

Geee... Obachan, the fish really have a head like dolphin ar~ A very healthy set of dishes. I like the bowl of the green peas. ^_^ 

Posted by kuishinbo

Anonymous said...


Posted by Sarah

Anonymous said...

> fish fish --- It takes so long for me to eat the green peas with chopsticks, though.

> Sarah --- Oh, I wish you could come back to Japan to visit : ) 

Posted by obachan