Saturday, July 02, 2005

Rosemary Scones

Rosemary Scones

The five cookbooks meme I posted the other day inspired me to try one of the recipes in the “Kantan Scones (Easy Scones)”which I didn't even open for months. What I wanted to make for brunch today was herb scones.

Though the recipe called for mint, I used rosemary.

The problem I had with this recipe was that after I downsized it to half, the amount of egg I was supposed to use turned out to be "1/4 egg." The sloppy eye-estimation did not work too well this time… I ended up adding a little too much egg ;P
The scones were still very tasty, though, with a little bit of butter and manuka honey :D


Anonymous said...

Could you give me the recipe for those rosemary scones? They look delicious and we have a large rosemary bush in our garden! 

Posted by Carl

Anonymous said...

scones look good...I'm not a fan of rosemary. as I said before. to me, its like eating pine needles..ha ha.
The scones with honey sound great, though... 

Posted by carlyn

Anonymous said...

> Hi Carl --- Thanks for dropping by :D I'll email you about the recipe sometime soon. I wonder if your rosemary is blooming now, because mine is.

> carlyn --- Well, I haven't tried pine needles yet, so I don't know. hahaha.. 

Posted by obachan