Sunday, September 18, 2005

Healthy Present!

Greens from My Boss's Neighbor --- Thanks! :D

When I was about to leave the office after work yesterday afternoon, my boss’s neighbor dropped by. He gave us loads of fresh green vegetables: mizuna (potherb mustard or California peppergrass) and spinach! I was really happy, but I wasn’t sure what I should use mizuna for.

When I came back to my apartment, I met the lady living downstairs. I gave her half of the greens and she was totally delighted. (So what’s in the pic is half of the greens he gave me.)

Back in my room, I googled for a while to find a good way to use the mizuna. This green vegetable is commonly used for nabe (hotpot dish) in winter, but it’s still too hot for that. Salad seemed like a better idea, so I picked a salad recipe with an interesting dressing.

Here! The greens turned into these dishes.

Spinach Cheese Omelet

Oh, this was heavenly :) Sorry, I'm a ketchup freak.

Mizuna Salad with White Fish and Parmesan Cheese

Though the recipe I found on the net used raw mizuna, I softened mine by powering hot water all over. The good thing about this vegetable is that its stems stay very crispy even after being heated. But mizuna has a slight bitterness and that's why I was not too crazy about this vegetable.

The ingredients for the dressing was: sesame oil, vinegar, miso, soy sauce and sesame seeds. The white fish was sea bream (raw). And the cheese sprinkled on top gave this dish a little Western touch, which was pretty good. The slight bitterness of mizuna didn't bother me at all : )

I still have some of the greens left… I boiled and froze the spinach, but I don’t think that works for the other one. Hmmm... I'm gonna have to look for a few more mizuna recipes...


Anonymous said...

you are so clever and ambitious.....everything looks good...nice, warm weather food.... 

Posted by carlyn

Anonymous said...

Love the Omelet..and i'm crazy about ketchup too.. :)

Posted by Big BoK

Anonymous said...

Clever and ambitions??? No way!

Big Bok
Glad to find another ketchup freak ;) 

Posted by obachan

obachan said...

Oh, you do, too? Glad to hear that :)