Friday, September 30, 2005

Weekday Dough Blogging #2

Charlie II (Day 5)

Looks like WDB (Weekend Dog Blogging) has been widespread in the blogsphere recently, but mine is Weekday Dough Blogging. Poor obachan doesn’t have a furry animal to blog about on weekends (or weekdays). And unlike those on WDB or WCB, eventually she is going to eat the very thing that she’s feeding and blogging about. Sadistic!

Anyway, as you might have noticed, this is not the same dough as this one in my 1st sourdough starter post. The first batch with bread flour was thrown away because it started showing a couple of pinky-orange colored spots. (I cultivated something other than yeast, didn't I?) That was Charlie I. Then I started my 2nd batch with whole wheat, Charlie II, and this is his 5th day. And I’m not sure if he is ready to go into fridge of not…I do see tiny bubbles on the surface, but seeing from the side, I don’t see bubbles like this. No, not at all. So I still keep feeding him every 12 hours, and started worrying about how much mineral water and flour I would have to invest on him.

What do you think? Is he ready yet? (I’m almost sure he’s not…)

BTW, I named him Charlie so that I can start a day with saying “Good morning, Charlie.” ;)


rae said...

i had the same experience with rotten white flour starter vs starter initiated with whole wheat flour. i kept mine out on the counter for about three weeks with daily feedings of just a few tablespoons of water (tap!) and flour (gradually turned that sucker into a white flor starter). i named him lucky 'cause third time is a charm. or is it? i'm gonna cook my little pet up in a few days so we'll see.

obachan said...

Good luck, rae.
I'm almost giving up the idea of making sourdough bread from my starter, but maybe it would be good enough for pancakes. So now I’m googling for sourdough pancake recipes.

cooknengr said...

Good luck..I gave up of baking bread a long time ago. I've read it's not easy to start sour dough bread with whole wheat.

obachan said...

Hi cooknengr
Yeah, I thought pancakes were more realistic, so I gave it a try today :)