Monday, October 31, 2005

Mischievous Night

Pumpkin Pudding ... with some guests?

This evening I saw on the TV news that a local English conversation school here in Kochi took kids (students) out for trick-or-treating today. Looks like Halloween is becoming more popular even in this rural area, and soon October 31st will officially be a “mischievous night” here.

I made pumpkin pudding this morning before going to work and left it on the kitchen table. After coming back from the izakaya work tonight, I enjoyed the pudding after my late night supper. It tasted OK, but... I don’t know… Is this just me or were there some unusual guests hanging around my pumpkin pudding?
Do you, too, see them in the pics?

We had a big Halloween costume party last Saturday night and it was so much fun. My post about the party is here, if you are interested. ;)


Robyn said...

That pumpking pudding is verrry tempting. Luckily I just bought some pumpkin flan last night (impulse buy, doh) to quel any pumpkin pudding-esque cravings.

Your costume is so cute! :D

Anonymous said...

On my first glimpse of the first photo, I thought it was creme brulee! Then, I looked closely and realised it was a pudding. Looks good, wish I could have a bite! Happy Halloween :)

P/S: The Hindus will be celebrating Deepavali tomorrow and Muslims (I'm one) will be celebrating Hari Raya Aidil Fitri (Eidul Fitr or Eid Mubarak) on Thursday. Lots of 'open houses' (a custom to invite family, relatives and friends for a feast) to be held here in Malaysia. Since Raya falls close with Deepavali, we call the double celebration Deepa-Raya.

Anonymous said...

I thought it was creme brulee too.. hehehe!!
Love your adventurous nature aplenty.. Obachan..!!

Unknown said...

i was hoping to see tita obachan wearing the Incredible such luck!
i got spooked by your pudding guests!

Nic said...

What a beautiful presentation, Obachan. I love the pumpkin face on the pudding!

rae said...

so beautiful!

Anonymous said...

Waahh...such a cute little pumpkin pudding! Those unusual guests around the pudding must have been attracted to it...looks so delicious! ^^ I love that little pumpkin face on the pudding!
Love your costume too by the way. ^_~

Joycelyn said...

hi obachan, that is so creative, not to mention very cute!

obachan said...

Enjoyed your pumpkin flan? Thanks for taking a look at my costume, too. It was cute when it was on the floor like that, but …

Amber Amethryne
So this must be a big celebration week in Malaysia. Enjoy loads of yummies! :D

Mama Bok
Is that adventurous nature referring to my pumpkin pudding or my costume? ;)

To tell you the truth, some shots of me in the costume do exist somewhere in the cyberspace, but it’s a kind of mystery zone. Hahaha…

Thanks. I was so happy that it turned out OK. I placed the pumpkin pattern on the pudding, sifted cocoa powder over it, then I had no idea how I could lift the paper pattern up!! Finally I used two toothpicks to lift it up, holding my breath all the way. Yeah, I guess that was some kind of adventure (or just a lack of forethought…) ;P

And spooky, too, right?

Oh, thank you. I haven’t seen those guests since Halloween night, but it’s very likely that they would come back again next year ;)

I feel so flattered that you, one of the most creative women in cyberspace, called me creative. Thank you. :)

Anonymous said...

Yup, loads of yummies, Obachan. I've posted some food photos on my website and will post more very soon.

obachan said...

Evil Jungle Prince
You mean, the guests? The pudding? or my costume? ;)

Amber amethryne
I'm not sure if I can survive the flood of yummy pictures in the blogsphere this week. :)

Anonymous said...

Oh no, Obachan, this is the cutest pumpkin pudding I've ever seen! How did you do it? Great job!

obachan said...

Cute?! You are not scared? How come...??? :)
I drew a pumpkin face on a piece of paker, cut it out to make a pattern, placed it on top of the pudding and sifted cocoa powder over it. The hardest part was picking up the pattern, and I used 2 toothpicks for that. I was sooooo happy when it turned out OK. But you know what? Since I ate that pudding, something inside of me has been making me do nasty things. Must be the pumpking ghost I ate...