Thursday, November 03, 2005

Lunch at "Monte"

"B-Set" Lunch at Monte

I had my lunch at a small restaurant at the community cultural center called “CulPort” today. There was a special event held there in relation to our national holiday, “Culture day,” and I didn’t feel like coming all the way back to my apartment just to eat lunch.

At the restaurant named Monte, lunch set menu was served only until 14:00, and it was 13:59 when I went in and took a seat. I didn’t think I would be able to have a lunch set, but they said it was OK. So I had a B-set which consisted of a bowl of chowder, breaded and deep-fried fish, salad and rice. I was very pleased with their nice service, but the meal was just so-so.

It was too bad that the weather was not very nice today.

One of these days I might come back again to enjoy a nice coffee break at one of those tables right outside the restaurant. It must be a nice way to spend an autumn afternoon.


Anonymous said...

I guess the meal didn't taste as good as the photo makes it appear... sure looks good. Did you eat outdoors?

Anonymous said...

Monte looks like it has a nice ambiance.

obachan said...

I stayed inside because the weather was not very good.

Amber Amethryne
It sure does. :)