Monday, January 16, 2006

Foods I Enjoyed Last Sunday

Takoyaki (Octopus balls)

I went to see a traditional bow-shooting festival in a town called Yasu last Sunday. It was about noon when the festival was finished, and I bought one pack of takoyaki to eat in the beachside park called Ya-shii Park. The guy at the takoyaki stall was very nice. He gave me 2 extras because those takoyaki were rather dry from being left in the pan for quite a while.

A Huge Baked Sweet Potato and Ameyu (Hot and sweet ginger drink)

These were the treat at the festival called Momote-sai. You can see how big the sweet potato was in comparison with the paper cup (180 mL cup, I guess).

Iced coffee with ice cream, whipped cream and almond-flavored syrup

This is the coffee drink I had at “Café-Ya” near JR Yasu station while waiting for the train. The cream was so sweet, but it was a good contrast with the bitter coffee.


Anonymous said...

I LOVE takoyaki....!!!!!!! Can't get any where I live.....When I get to NY, I enjoy!!!!! Not often enough, though!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Iced coffee with ice cream, whipped cream and almond-flavored syrup

Can I just say MMMMMMMMMMMM! That sounds so good!


Evangeline said...

arggggh takoyaki, i miss you so >.<
i'm actually trying to find a takoyaki pan in adelaide so i can make my own.

can you believe it the grocery stores hear sell takoyaki flour mixture, but NO WHERE does it sell the pans! >_______<

K and S said...

Not too keen on takoyaki, but the other things you had look great!

Enjoy reading your adventures.

bourgogne said...

takoyaki!!! do you know how to make takoyaki, obachan? i can barely find fresh ginger where i live in france let alone takoyaki! but if i could make them myself, i'd do it. oh, i need a special pan too? i will have to ask my mummy to send me one :D also, beautiful photos as usual!

KT121 said...

Awww...TAKOYAKI!I can't get enough of them.Did you have them all??Lucky you!

obachan said...

I love takoyaki sooooooooooooooooo much, too, but I guess I’m a little picky about the size and taste of them.

The cream was a little too sweet. Next time I’ll order something without cream.

OMG, how are they expecting you to make them into balls??? I found that you can buy this type online, but if you want an electric takoyaki maker … mmm it seems to be available on but they don’t ship that kind of takoyaki maker abroad. Good luck in Adelaide! :D

Kat & Satoshi
Thanks. I really miss the takoyaki in Kansai. What I find here in Kochi is Kansai-style ones -- definitely not Kanto style at least -- but they taste a little differently from what I was used to in Kansai.

I do know how to make them, but I’m not good at making them. There seem to be several takoyaki recipes available online, like this one. But yes, I guess you need a takoyaki pan, unless you have something similar. This type of takoyaki pan is available from AMAZON, but if you want an electric one like this, I guess you need to ask someone living in Japan to help… They are available on AMAZON, but they don’t ship this kind of product abroad.

Of course ;) Lucky me.

Anonymous said...

Hey.. Obachan,
I haven't had tako for ages..! i sure envy you ..!!

Rosa's Yummy Yums said...

I have tagged you for the "COMMON COLD REMEDIES MEME". Check out my blog for details....

Anonymous said...

thanks for the links, obachan. i think i'm going to order a pan online!

Evangeline said...

hi obachan, thanks for the useful info! i do have someone in japan who can post it for me.
but if possible i wouldn't want to inconvenience them, could you tell me if amazon japan definitely will not sell o/s?
thanks alot!!!

Evangeline said...

hi obachan, sorry to comment so often...

but do you recommend an electric pan, or a normal takoyaki pan?

obachan said...

Mama Bok
Poor Mama Bok. Wish I could send you some.

Wow, thanks. …OK. Another meme. I think I owe 3 memes now. But this sounds like fun so I’ll try this one sometime this week. (Hopefully.)

Anonymous commenter
You’re welcome, but after I posted my previous comment, a concern came to my mind. I have never used takoyaki pan or electric takoyaki maker myself, but I think this kind of takoyaki pan is used on gas ranges in Japan, and I'm not sure if the pan can get enough heat when used on this type of electric ranges. Anyway, on several Japanese websites, a few people said that takoyaki pan on gas range did not get heated evenly, so they liked electric takoyaki maker better. If possible, you might want to ask the online store if the takoyaki pan they are selling is suitable for the range you have in your kitchen.

Sorry, dear. For all the electric takoyaki makers I saw on this site, they mentioned “This product cannot be shipped overseas.” or “Domestic delivery only.”

Like I said in my comment above, I’ve never used a takoyaki pan or an electric takoyaki maker, but some people in Japan seem to prefer electric one for the reason mentioned above. (But I don’t know if an electric takoyaki maker is the right choice for you or not. Do you need to use some kind of converter to use Japanese electric products over there?)

Evangeline said...

ooh...I totally forgot about the transfomer I'd need to buy as well!!

I just found out a step down transformer is ~$85, and compared to the electric takoyaki pan which is $25, it seems a bit pricey >_______<

Oh yes, and another question since I know you've lived in the US...
Is the voltage the same in the US as Japan? I know I have a US-->Aust transformer around somewhere....

obachan said...

Sorry, I brought almost no electric appliances from Japan. The only thing I brought was a hair dryier, but I never used it there, so I really don’t know. IIRC, someone said the voltage isn’t exactly the same but not sure. There should be a way to find out about it on the net. Sorry.

There are some takoyaki recipes on the net, like this one. I wish you have a chance to try them with our real takoyaki sauce or tonkatsu sauce. To me the combination of the sauce and mayonnaise and octopus is simply sinful. Mmmmmm…..

Evangeline said...

obachan, thanks so much for your help! anyway! hehheh...if all goes well i shld get a takoyaki pan soon........i think........

Anonymous said...

Hi. Japan is 100W AC, the US is 120W AC. You can totally use electronics from one country in outlets from the other.

The one difference is that Japanese homes don't have the third ground-plug socket, so you need to use those 3-2 "cheater" plugs when in Japan.

I used the outlets in Japan for recharging my laptop, camera, etc., with no problems at all.

The extra little boost of power in US circuits might mean setting the temperature dial a little lower when using it here, but I bet that's about it.

obachan said...

Hi Tara Davis,
Thanks so much for your information. Maybe this gave some people a go to bring an electric takoyaki maker to the U.S. ;)
I finally found a table on the net. I don't know how reliable it is, but at least it seems to be correct about Japan.