Saturday, January 14, 2006

Project Mochi - Vol. 2 -

Mochi-Mentaiko-Cheese-Shiso Rolls

I know. I know. The vol. 1 of the “Project Mochi” series was posted LONG time ago -- actually a year ago -- on this blog. Now here’s finally "vol.2" after one year of silence! ;P I’m determined to try out a couple more recipes this month, so stay tuned.

I almost accidentally found this recipe on the net yesterday. Wrapped in spring-roll wrappers are shiso, thinly sliced mochi (rice cake), karashi mentaiko and sliced cheese. Absolutely no seasoning necessary. Just roll them up, seal and deep-fry.

Ahh…. the crunchy wrapper, silky mochi spiced up with mentaiko…! The overall taste is mellowed with cheese and freshened up with shiso. Mmmmmm.....
I used store-bought mochi made from glutinous rice (not the ones made from rice flour). The spring-roll wrappers seemed a little too big, so I cut them into quarters and made mini-rolls.

These mochi-rolls tasted heavenly with a locally brewed junmai ginjo-shu called Bijofu (美丈夫), my new favorite sake ;)


FooDcrazEE said...

nice! delish looking roll.

BTW, can i ask for yakiniku recipe ? i meant the original marinade recipe. thanx

Anonymous said...

Mmm...that looks good. Crispy and chewy at the same time *drool*. I love the colourfulness of the insides too. ^_^

Anonymous said...

Obachan, you always make me drool! :)``` (those thingies after the smiley mouth are supposed to be droplets of saliva). Obachanyumyum!

rae said...

hi obachan,
i also have a lot of leftover mochi and am looking for ways to use it up. maybe a dessert springroll filled with mochi,sweet bean paste and, hmmm, maybe unsweetened coconut flakes? i've also been meaning to try mochi just grate up your mochi, spray your waffle iron and throw it in. i suppose you could use it as a pizza base or pour syrup over the top...well, it is sunday here and i have some time on my hands....

Anonymous said...

The mochi rolls look delicious!!! Does the mochi become really gooey? Hmmmmm.....Wish we had "smell" capability on the computer....

obachan said...

Thanks. They are delish.
Sorry, I’ve never made marinade sauce for yakiniku. I guess it’s more common for us to just grill meat as is and then dip in dipping sauce. (And I always use store-bought dipping sauce.)

Yeah, the pink and green showing through the wrapper looked so nice.

Thanks for tagging. I’ll try to finish it by the end of this year. I have too many secrets so it’s terribly hard to pick only 10 of them…. ;P

Oh, you must be busy mopping around the PC. Sorry. ;)

I’m looking forward to reading about your mochi experiments, too. The mochi waffles is a new idea to me. Grating mochi… mmmm….
I’m going to try “sweet walnut miso mochi” sometime soon.

Yeah, but the mochi really adds a different texture. Yum!

I didn’t wait till the mochi got really gooey. My hunch is that if you wait too long, mochi will swell and break the wrapper, then you’ll see a big-bellied mochi roll, like a frog that just had a big meal.

Unknown said...

Hi Obachan,

Wish i could find Shiso here in Provence , do you how to grow these leaves ?
anyway that looks extremly good...
And i read that work is slow , well not for me here , got loads of clients so i still have to send you the BOUILLABAISSE recipe ...
keep up the good mood and great cooking..

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the Mochi recpies! I have so much lefto ver, and I want to use it all up!

I can't wait to see more! ^_^

Anne said...

Oishii sooooou!!! I would love to make these. What kind of cheese did you use? Also, can I just buy the hard squares of mochi and slice them or did you use soft mochi?


obachan said...

Yeah, you just have to sow seeds and they are said to be relatively care-free, but insect may be a big problem, if you are unlucky. But I don’t know if you can get the seeds over there, though.
BTW, I really envy you that you have so many clients. Don’t worry about the recipe. It can wait. ;)

I think this “spring-roll wrapper and mochi” combination is really versatile. Right now I’m interested in some variations with sweet bean paste or peanut butter, or chocolate, curry paste, sweet miso-and-walnuts paste etc... Tons of crazy ideas.

It was cho-oishi! ;) I used “sliced cheese,” but I guess it can be any kind of cheese you like. I used this kind of
individually-wrapped mochi which are hard. I guess hard squares of michi you mentioned are just fine as far as you don’t slice them too thick. Good luck! :D

Anonymous said...

This must be delicious! Looks very elegant too :) Your post just reminded me that I was going to grow Shiso in my garden this year! Keep fingers crossed.

obachan said...

I really recommend this to anyone who loves mochi, shiso and mentaiko. This is absolutely divine, at least to me.
Good luck with your shiso! :D

Anonymous said...

Just a note for Garance -
I grew shiso last year, and it was very easy. Unfortunately the London weather meant there wasn't enough sun to give it a good flavour, but Provence should be absolutely perfect.
The seeds are better known as Perilla here, and you should be able to get both red and green seeds in Europe. The red is very common as it is used as an ornamental plant - I've been tempted to pluck a few leaves from the borders in Regent's Park to add to dinner!
Here's a link with both types in the UK:

obachan said...

Thanks for the info, andyclap. :D
It's nice to know that you can get seeds in Europe -- both red and green!