Saturday, July 22, 2006

Lime Chiffon Cake

Lime Chiffon Cake

Today I tried out a chiffon cake recipe that I copied from a recipe book at my parents’ house. No, it was not my mom’s book; it was my younger sister’s. She left several recipe books there so that she can cook/bake when she stays there with her kids for a few weeks in summer and winter.

My oven can take the smallest (10 cm, I guess) chiffon pan only, so I needed to scale the recipe in half. (Actually bigger ones CAN fit in there, but it does not leave enough space to bake a chiffon cake successfully.) The cake rose alright and didn’t fall at all after it was cooled, so I was very happy. But as you can see, I did a terrible job removing the cake from the pan. See the ragged bottom, I mean, the top in this photo? Well, such a problem should have been easily solved with some whipping cream… if I had any. I thought I had some in the fridge, but of course, I was wrong. And it was raining outside. Hence, this photo. ;P But the cake tasted good.

For my next attempt, I’ll buy a better knife – or maybe, whipping cream. ;)
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Anonymous said...


It looks deelicious! I'd eat it in a second, whipped cream or not. Now I feel the need to make a light, fresh cake like yours.

ChroniclesofChaos said...

Hey there Obachan!

Thanks for your help the other time with the translation.

I have always been searching for a very simple and yet "powerful" chiffon cake receipe.

Is it possible to get the receipe from you?

p.s. I have yet to find a 10cm baking tray to date. The smallest pans avail here are usually 15-18cm diameter minimum. =(

Akemi said...

Chiffon cakes are my favorites and yours looks delicious!
As Chronicles of Chaos, I would like to try this recipe too. My mail is, onegai shimasu!

Christine Cassidy said...

Next time you might try lining your cake tin with silicone release paper - parchment paper, which might give you a smoother finish.

ghanima said...

I love how the "rough" edges look, actually, it makes me want to eat it all the more!

Karen said...

I looks delicious! Could you please post the recipe?

obachan said...

Thanks. This was indeed light and airy :) I have to confess that it didn’t take me long to finish it.

I tried to email you the recipe, but it failed. Can you email me at the address in my profile? Thanks.
Yes, we do have 10 cm chiffon pans. It works fine with my small oven, but the problem is that when the cake is sliced, each slice is too small and not photogenic at all … :(

Thanks. I just emailed you the recipe. ;)

Thanks for the advice. But I’m not very good at lining cake pans with parchment paper, and I guess it would be difficult with such a small chiffon cake pan…

Really? That’s a dangerous effect. :D In fact, I'm thinking about buying what they call "chiffon knife" here so that I can remove the cake from the pan easily and beautifully.

Unfortunately I don’t remember the title of the cookbook or the author, so I’d rather not post the translation of the recipe, because I can’t give it a proper credit. Can you email me at the email address in my profile?

Anonymous said...

hi..yr chiffon cake really looks inviting..can you email me the recipe at onegai shimasu

Rosa's Yummy Yums said...

This chiffon cake looks very interesting! It has such a nice colour...

Anonymous said...

Your lime chiffon cake looks so gorgeous. Could I ask you to email me the recipe too? Thanks.

Karen said...
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obachan said...

* To those who are going to leave email addresses here:
You might want to spell out your email address like “xxxxxx at hotmail dot com” to protect it from email harvesting robots.

Hi. I hope you liked the recipe. ;)

Thanks. I wish the sides of my cake turned brown, though…

kookai, karen
I'm sending you an email shortly. Hope you like this cake. :)

Anonymous said...

I've always loved yr site and as always yr photos are amazing.

Would you be kind enough to email me yr recipe?

Thank you!

email: xxxxxxx at yahoo dot com dot au

obachan said...

k & s
Thanks! :)

anonymous commenter
Thank you so much, and sorry I didn't make it clear. The xxxxxxx part in my example needs to be replaced with whatever there is in front of the @ mark in your email address. Can you give me your address again, please?

Anonymous said...

Ooh...this looks so good. Can you please share this recipe or email it to me? mho_8 at yahoo dot com
Thank you so much!

obachan said...

Hi michelle,
Hope you like the cake. ;)

Anonymous said...

Dear Obachan, I saw your beautiful lime chiffon cake. I just love the photo! Could you please share your recipe? Thanks & regards. May

Anonymous said...

Hi Obachan,

Can you please share your recipe of Lime Chiffon Cake?

(baby_jan2003 at hotmail dot com)

Anonymous said...

Hi Obachan,

Your chiffon cake looks heavenly! Would you please share me the recipe? Thank you so.. so.. much.. Please email me at

Anonymous said...

Chiffon cakes release very easily when the bottom is lined with wax paper or parchment paper. Never grease or flour the sides of thepan. When the cake has sufficiently cooled, run an ordinary kitchen knefe around the sides and tube. Place a plate on top of pan. Hit the bottom of the pan and the cake should release. Remove the wax or parchment paper and turn the cake right side up.

obachan said...

Thank you so much for the tip. Yeah, parchment paper would work.I'm lazy so cutting the paper to fit in my 10 cm chiffon pan didn't sound too tempting at first, but probably it's worth the effort. I'll give it a try next time :)

Anonymous said...

hello obachan
May I have a copy of this recipe please? How can I contact you?

Also, recently, I was in Japan and had the most delicious cherry blossom chiffon cake bought from the store. I am not sure if it is baked or steamed. Do you have the recipe for the cherry blossom chiffon cake as well?

Much appreciated.

obachan said...

Hi anonymous commenter,

Terribly sorry for not responding earlier! Please email me at the email address in the sidebar. (If clicking on the "Email me!" link on the sidebar does not open a window, right click on the link and copy & paste my email address.)

Yeah, I've seen cherry blossom chiffon cake on the net. It sounds soooo tempting! Sorry, I don't have a recipe for that lovely cake... (I wish someone would give me one!)

Anonymous said...

Hi Obachan,
your lime chiffon cake looks so nice.
Is it possible to have the recipe? Here is my email:
haviti34 at gmail dot com
thanx a lot.

obachan said...

Hi. I just emailed to your address. If you don't see my email in your in-box, please check the spam folder. (Recently I almost always have this problem with gmail users...)

hijikata said...

Can you send me your recipe :D? I also want to know the book name too.

My email address:

Thank you very much!