Thursday, July 13, 2006

My First and Not-very-successful Attempt

Omuraisu with Demi Glace Sauce

While good many people dislike or even hate omuraisu, there seem to be others (not only Japanese) who love this Japanese invention and crave for it every now and then. I have received several comments/emails requesting omuraisu recipe, so now I am working on it... slowly. This is just the beginning phase: trying out recipes that I found on the net so that I can develop my own recipe based on them.

I guess my own recipe of “rice rolled in omelet” type of omuraisu is almost ready. But before posting it, I had to try this type: cut-and-opened omelet over rice with demi glace sauce. Yes, I wanted to see which is easier to make and which I would like better. Unfortunately, my attempt today wasn’t very successful, because I overcooked the eggs. I left the omelet in the frying pan a little too long, trying to take a photo there. Also I waited a bit too long after I placed the omelet on top of the rice, taking a shot there again, before cutting it to open. And what made me mad was that those photos were all blurred!

But there was something else which was not completely my fault; the strong taste of the demi glace sauce (I used canned HEINZ demi glace sauce) completely killed the flavor of the fried rice. Those who do not care for ketchup-flavored rice may like it that way, but for me, it's no good. To me, what's important for omuraisu is the harmony of the taste of ketchup-seasoned fried rice, sweet but not too sweet omelet, and the ketchup topping. With this type of omuraisu, I can almost always enjoy the harmony. But with the one I made today, I didn’t see any reason why the rice underneath the omelet needed to be seasoned with ketchup at all. That’s probably why many people use buttered rice for this type of omelet. I’ll try this again with buttered rice next time, and if I liked it, I’ll post the recipe. ;)



Anne said...

If this is what your not-so-good version looks like, I can't wait to see the good one! This looks so oishii yo. I love ketchup rice too...especially in omurice and doria.

ghanima said...

I'd never even heard of this dish 'til you posted about it. Why do you suppose some hate it while others love it?

xtinehlee said...

i LOVE omuraisu! i make my omelette in a rounded "wok-like" pan--somehow the deep divot of the pan help the omelette wrap nicely around my rice. :)

Anonymous said...

We have something similar here called Pattaya Rice (fried rice wrapped in omelette). It's a Thai dish, hence the name.

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, most of the demiglace that they sell in supermarkets has an overly strong flavor. For meals with a delicate blending of flavors (like omu-raisu), it can be a bit overpowering.

I have recently become interested in demi-glace sauces as they seem to be a staple of many different cafe-type meals. I have a really good cookbook put out by the Culinary Institute of America, which, of course, I consulted. It turns out that it takes about 6 hours to make proper demi-glace from scratch. So, I guess we're all stuck with the store-bought kind...

-- Shannon

Crazy Gaijin said...

I was thinking of having a go at this too! After watching Tampopo again, I want to see if I can make it with the ease that the hand double does! ;-)

obachan said...

Ah, doria! Yep, I love it, too!
Well, wait and see. My good version of this type of omuraisu will consist of butter rice, better heavy cream and definitely a softer omelet. Wish me luck. ;)

Visit this thread and see why some people hate this stuff so much.

Good idea. My frying pan is a bit too big for making omelet actually. I’m tempted to buy a small “omelet pan” like this, but I don’t make omelet so often, so maybe I shouldn’t…

Yeah, I’ve heard about it. I guess someone mentioned about the thai dish in the above mentioned thread, too. Does Pattaya Rice have ketchup rice inside?

I agree. Next time I’m going to do something about it. The izakaya I used to work at made demi glace sauce from scratch, and they poured both their demi glace and store-bought ketchup on the omuraisu they served. It was quite good.

The Culinary Institute of America sounds pretty impressive! ;)

You know what? Now we can watch the re-run of Lunch Queen here in Kochi on weekdays. Omuraisu they make does look good. I wish I can make one like that.

BTW, have you been to Kinokuniya bookstore recently? Is this book already available there? I tried to order one via Amazon a couple of days ago, then they gave me an estimated ship date of sometime in November!! But someone already wrote a book review on Amazon website on July 10, and today Amazon is giving me the estimated ship date of 7/15/2006. So I’m wondering if they are in store now over there in Osaka.

Anonymous said...

Hi Obachan
The book is available from Amazon Japan now, the November shipping date was for the US, the sales people at the publisher are not able to do real work like getting the proper info to Amazon, so I'm afraid to ask them if it is in the Osaka kinokuniya. Anyway you can be sure it is available from Amazon now. Sorry I haven't been able to find my text copy of the carnitas tacos recipe, maybe I can scan it from the newspaper.

As for omrice I always make it with catsup flavored chicken rice with piman and onions. I pass on the demi sauce and decorate the top with catsup. do you think the chicken rice sounds like "too much?" It takes more than six hours to make demi from scratch and the Japanese yoshoku demi is a strange creation that exists only in Japan, and (as you know) when made in a restaurant is quite different from the Heinz canned stuff.

Anonymous said...

Hi Obachan
Things are a bit screwed up at the old amazon, now the book doesn't show up in a search unless you input the ENTIRE name. I dont expect them to straighten anything out until after the holiday. Anyway here is the link:

ghanima said...

So funny! That sounds like exactly the sort of thing a Canadian would eat. Did you know that we have ketchup-flavoured potato chips, which are apparently hard to get in the U.S.?

Anonymous said...

Obachan, ketchup/chilli sauce is poured on top of pattaya rice, not inside.

obachan said...

mr food
Thanks for your help. :D I managed to order the book last night and can’t wait to see what’s inside. Honestly I fell in love with it just seeing its front cover. It’s not the same old ”photo of a kaiseki dish with Japanese traditional patterns in the background” kind of design. Such a good taste.

Oh, don’t worry about the tacos recipe. And as for omuraice, sorry I didn’t make it clear… I did make mine with chicken rice, I mean, Japanese chicken rice. In fact, I never make omuraisu without chicken and onion – these are the must-have ingredients for me. I tried to avoid using the word “chicken rice” because I heard that our chicken rice is different from what they have in Southeast Asian countries, so I thought the name might be misleading. Theirs is not fried and not seasoned with ketchup, right? But I guess just saying “ketchup-flavored fried rice” was equally misleading, because people would think that ketchup and rice are the only ingredients used. Maybe that’s part of the reason why some people think omuraise is yucky without actually tasting it.

Guess what? We have ketchup-flavored potato chips here in Japan, too (launched March 2006).
I wonder how it would be like … well, I should know. It would taste like potato chips with ketchup, of course, but … you know what I mean?

Oh, really? Thanks for the info. Chilli sauce on omelet also sounds tempting. Mmmm…