Monday, July 10, 2006

Yakiniku with Chima Sanchu

Yakiniku with "Baby" Chima Sanchu

Well, I was going to wait until my chima sanchu leaves grow bigger and turn frillier, because I think that’s the way they should be. Also I was going to give them a little fertilizer or something. But when I checked on them this morning, after the heavy rain last night, a couple of the biggest leaves were almost gone leaving the leaf veins only! I really don’t know if rain brings worms or caterpillars (or slugs?) that eat leaves, but this kind of thing seems to happen almost always after a heavy rain here in my balcony garden. The same thing happened to my mizuna, too. Anyway I decided to go for yakiniku with the still-very-young chima sanchu leaves tonight before the worm(s) consume all of them.

So the dinner tonight was this yakiniku, wrapped in small, soft baby chima sanchu. Mmmm… it was OK, but I couldn’t tell the taste of the sanchu leaves at all. ;P



Joycelyn said...

hi obachan, that looks totally awesome - the morsels of meat look so juicy, tender and succulent. sadly, chima sanchu is not readily available here; do you think shiso would work as a substitute wrapper?

obachan said...

Hi j,
I guess some people do wrap yakiniku with shiso leaves here. Personally, I can’t eat much of raw shiso leaves because they are a bit too strong for me. So when I do eat them raw, I need to cut them into real thin strips and use a small amount as a condiment. (But I love shiso so much when deep-fried with meat, fish, or as-is. That way I can eat a lot of them.) Also, lettuce is commonly used as yakiniku-wrapper here. Actually I’m thinking about trying lettuce & shiso combination next time -- using lettuce as a main wrapper and putting a little shiso strips inside with meat.