Friday, September 29, 2006

Carrot Dressing

Green Salad with Carrot Dressing

Pretty color, isn’t it? This is the dressing I made today. It’s carrot dressing. I bought a couple of carrots today to make a carrot cake, but I found myself too tired after I came back from shopping. So I went for something a lot easier and probably healthier (because I was going to give my carrot cake a thick cream cheese frosting).

I started with a Japanese recipe I found on the net, and the ingredients were grated carrots, grated onion, grated garlic, salad oil, vinegar, salt, pepper and sugar. But I found it too sour, so as usual, I added some twists of my own. I added soy sauce, olive oil, sherry, more sugar and even finely chopped pine nuts (leftover from my previous basil pesto attempt). Perhaps I added too many ingredients… I think they pretty much hid the natural sweetness of the carrots. But the dressing tasted good with these cucumbers and lettuce, and even better when used as a sauce for fish meuniere. :)

Sorry, I forgot to take a shot of the meuniere...

BTW, some of you might be interested in this… I passed the test that I took about a month ago.



ghanima said...

This must be the secret to the dressing at my favourite sushi place in Toronto. It's hands-down the best salad dressing I've ever tasted. Your dressing looks just like theirs! Thanks, obachan, I'm going to have to try making variations of this until I find thei "secret recipe"!

Lysithea said...

Hi Obachan,
Your photos are so beautiful! Green and orange and the colours looked so fresh! :) You should put everything into a book, those cookbooks, ya? Sure sell like hot cakes. Or maybe you have already done so? :)

BTW, your salad looks really really delicious!

Anonymous said...

Funny thing! I actually DID bake a carrot cake today myself (down to the sinful cream cheese frosting!). I'm trying out a vegan recipe cos I have to bake it for a gathering in a fortnight, but somehow I must have done something wrong with the egg substitutes or something, because it turned out doughy at the bottom. Non-vegan carrot cakes that I've baked before turned out fine, so I don't know what's wrong. Any tips, Obachan??

Maybe I should keep my grated carrots in the future to try out this dressing of yours!! It looks so pretty with the green vegetables, and I'm sure it's great tasting too!

obachan said...

Yeah, their dressing could be carrot dressing. Try, try, try. And tell me their secret when you find it out.

Oh, thank you. I might give it a try someday when I grow up and master how to focus the way I want to focus. ;)

Mmmm… I’m no expert and I have never used egg substitutes before, so I cannot give you a tip or advice. Sorry.
When I googled to pick a carrot dressing recipe, I saw many blogs by Japanese wives saying, “This dressing is my kids’ favorite!” I guess the good balance of the sweetness of the carrot and sourness of the vinegar is the key.

the Lumpia said...

This looks and sounds delicious, Obachan! I'll have to try to make it sometime.

obachan said...

I think this is worth giving a try. ;)

corricoo said...

Hey Obachan,
grats for passing your Test !
Good luck :-)

obachan said...

Thanks Corri,
I'm just happy that I don't have to study to re-take the test. Once was definitely enough! :D