Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Bento in the Park

Bento I made last Sunday

Because of the gorgeous weather, I got so obsessed with the idea of “lunch in the park” last weekend. On Saturday, I bought sandwich and canned coffee at a convenience store and enjoyed them in the park. But on Sunday, I went a little further and made a homemade bento.

Do you want to know what the food in the bento box is? OK, starting with the rice balls:
* Onigiri with minced takana pickles (green) and with salmon flakes (pink).
* Shiso and chicken meatballs
* Tamagoyaki (rolled omelet),
* Grilled salmon with shimeji mushrooms, mitsuba leaves and miso-mayonnaise glaze, and
* Grapes.

This bento was just so-so, to tell you the truth. The food tasted rather bland in the park, even though I thought everything was OK when I had tasted it in my kitchen. Also, the “bento in the park” attempt on Sunday wasn’t as successful as that on Saturday. I couldn’t find a good place to sit down and take a photo of bento like I did last year. And it was a little hot, and several mosquitoes bugged the hell out of me. Yeah, I was their lunch. And even though I brought my camera to take some shots of early signs of autumn, grasses and trees in the park were still green and I didn't see any autumn flower.
So here I posted a photo that I took on my way back from the park. This was the only photo of a sign of autumn.

Oh well, there’ll be more weekends to come, so we’ll see…



Anonymous said...

what a lovely lunch sans the mosquitoes.

Lysithea said...

Hi Obachan, your lunch looked lovely! :) I'm sorry if it didn't taste as nice. But I think you're really lucky to be able to have picnic in a park! Where I come from, the weather is always hot hot and humid. :P I'd love to have picnic at the park too!

Anyway I went to Japan once and had breakfast at the park. It was heavenly. :)

BTW, I'm also born in the dragon year. heh.

Anonymous said...

If it's not raining get outside, picnic or not. At least in Tokyo it seems like it has been raining constantly since May. Today is a gorgeous day however, but I will be enjoying it from my cubicle at work. Keep up the good work.

ghanima said...

Beautiful photos as always, obachan. I also find that bento ("baon", in Filipino) lunches aren't as good on the day after.

Do you mind me asking if you use a square tamago pan? I've been looking for one in Canada and the internet for the past year, at least, without success. My tamago has been cooked in a large, round cast-iron skillet, resulting in very sloppy edges.

Learning Facilitator said...

looks great!!!! it's a mini kaiseki in a bento box. Can you ship some over to Singapore?

Anonymous said...

Your bento looks scrumptious! I can't believe it wasn't as tasty as it looks. My perspective was thrown off, however. Either each bento item is small or those are enormous grapes!

Fish Fish said...

Hmmm... it sure looked so delicious to me though. I love everything in your bento except the salmon, never really like salmon. :P

Ai yah... that's a beautiful higanbana that you took. ^_^

obachan said...

Hahaha… maybe for them I was a lovely lunch???

Breakfast at the park? Wow, that’s interesting. Yeah, it must be really nice to have the first meal of the day in a quiet park, enjoying the crisp air…
And now I can guess how old you are ;)

Mr. food
Oh, I wish you could have a chance to sneak out of the office and enjoy the sunshine, even for a brief moment. How about a real quick combini shopping? ;)

No, I don’t use a tamago pan. I thought about buying a small one many times, but each time I decided to buy something else that I use more often. If I would buy one, I would definitely go for an iron or copper tamagoyaki pan (never a Teflon-coated stuff!) but it’s expensive. I need a good reason to convince myself that I have to buy one.

Wow, I feel so flattered. Thank you. Sure, I don’t mind sending you one. Can I send it COD? ;)

Each bento item is small. I wanted to pack as many items as possible in one bento box, so I made everything small. Hahaha…

fish fish
Thank you. I didn’t know that salmon wasn't your favorite fish.
This higanbana shot is a bit out of focus, but I had to shoot it in a real hurry so I couldn’t help it. (I was in the way of people and bicycles passing by…) :P

Anonymous said...

I could eat this bento everyday. .and anyday.. Obachan..!

obachan said...

Honestly, I wouldn't mind delivering bento overseas, just for fun.
BTW, bento seems to be turning into an artform in Japan. Check this out.

Rei said...

Hello Obachan,
I wish my obento could be as beautiful and varied and delicious as yours.
What also caught my eye was the photo of the "Higanbana". Is it also called Lycoris, or Red Spider Lilly? I am trying to gtow one in my Pacific Northwest USA garden, without much sucess.