Saturday, September 23, 2006

Sorry Ancestors! - Apple Crumble -

Apple Crumble (Obachan's Version)

My ancestors may be disappointed with me because I didn’t make or buy or post about ohagi (glutinous rice balls usually covered with sweet bean paste) for the Autumnal Equinox Day today, but I made this instead and enjoyed it all by myself. :P (More info. on the national holiday and ohagi is here, if you are interested.)

Sorry, ancestors. But the aroma of cooking apples and spices from the oven is just too irresistible on an autumn afternoon like this. And this apple dessert is awfully tasty and easy to make, so nothing could stop me.

I used this recipe, but probably I made a mistake in scaling it down… The crumble did not turn out crumbly at all so I ended up adding more than half a cup of extra flour. I also added a couple of things that were not included in the recipe: a little lemon juice and allspice to the apple filling and finely chopped almond (roasted) to the crumble.

It tasted good even without ice cream

It worked brilliantly. Oh this was such a perfect dessert for this September afternoon. And the good thing is -- I had a lot of crumble left (I really think I made a mistake when scaled down the recipe) and froze it. Next time I can make this apple dessert much more easily ;)
Or it doesn’t always have to be with apples, right?



Diary of Kay El said...

Looks so yummy! I am inspired to make this! Have lots of apples in the fridge now.

Pinkity said...

Oh.. Again, I wish I live next to you.. wahaha... extra crumble? Send it to your poor starving neighbour... hehehe

Anonymous said...

my ancestors must be upset with me too, I went to see a movie. Your apple crumble looks great!

Joycelyn said...

hi obachan, i can never resist a good crumble and yours looks truly delicious!

Chubbypanda said...


Oh no! Now I have a terrible choice to make. Do I use the old Fuji apples in my refrigerator for chicken salad for lunch or apple crumble for dessert? I want them both!

- Chubbypanda

obachan said...

diary of kay el
So did you make one? Hope you enjoyed it like I did.

I wish you were here, too. I still have a lot of English tea that demon gave me. We could have a lovely tea time with this apple dessert.

k & s
Thanks. I wonder what movie you saw. Udon? That’s the one I’m interested now. (But I'll wait until its rental release.)

Oh, thank you. I’m so happy that I still have some in my freezer. I might venture on making crumble with some Japanese autumn fruits sometime soon...

Haha… I guess you already made a choice by now. I would have made just a small amount of both if I were you ;) Yeah, I’m greedy…

Lysithea said...

Your apple crumble looked soo good, my mouth is watering! And I'm going to try it too! :)


obachan said...

Hi Lysithea,
Enjoy your apple crumble.:D
It's such an autumn-y dessert. I love it.

Anonymous said...

nope, we saw "deguchi no nai umi" because the main character was a meiji univ baseball player and my hubby is also one too...

obachan said...

Oh, I read about that movie somewhere just recently. It sounded like a real touching movie.
So your hubby is a baseball player! How nice. I used to live very close to the Koshien stadium so I feel familiar with baseball (though I'm not a Hanshin fan.)