Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Garden Report - November 2006 -

Here’s the update of my long-neglected garden report. :P

Blueberry (Sunshine Blue)


Sweet Marjoram

I forgot what these are. Must be mitsuba or parsley. Let's see what would come out.

And this is the photo I took in summer, perhaps late July or early August, and forgot to post. I don’t think anyone remembers this, but seems like I did write something like “stay tuned for my dry tomato project this summer.” :P Well, it didn’t take place, because this was the one and only harvest I got. This is the pic of the tomato when ripe.



cocodrop said...

Hello obachan! your garden is such a sweet one. I can already smell and taste the tomato from here. Where do you grow them? My father grows our Japanese vegetables here in Vancouver. I send you some pictures when our first crop grows this summer.

obachan said...

Hi cocodrop,
Glad to hear that you like my humble balcony garden. I'm terribly curious about what kind of Japanese vegetables your father grows. In Vancouver! I'm looking forward to seeing your photos :)