Thursday, November 30, 2006

Sweet Seasons / November 2006 - Maple and Ginkgo Leaves -

Maple and Ginkgo Leaves

I thought it was almost a cliché to use maple and ginkgo leaves for autumn theme, but these looked too cute that I ended up using them for November’s wagashi entry. According to the lady at the confectionery shop, these are the kind of wagashi called kangoori寒氷, which is made with sugar, water, (syrup) and kanten gelatin. But it is not as soft as regular gelatin desserts. Perhaps because of the decent amount of sugar added, its surface is quite dry and hardened and the inside is rather soft.

A Japanese wagashi site says that this semi-dry type wagashi is made by boiling water and sugar, grinding it with mortar and pestle until it turns white and thick, then adding kanten gelatin solution. After set, it is punched out with molds.

Since it has been rather warm this autumn, leaves didn’t turn colors until recently around here. Now I see the whole town colored with bright yellow and red everywhere, with some greens of evergreen trees. Maybe I should go for an photo-excursion this weekend, if the weather permits. ;)