Monday, December 11, 2006

Menu for Hope III - Check Out the Prize from Kochi, Japan -

Now, again, it’s that time of the year for us to come together for a good cause and have fun! :) Menu for Hope – a world-wide, annual fundraising campaign by foodbloggers – is taking place again this year, this time to raise funds to support the United Nations World Food Programme. As we did last year, interested readers can buy online raffle tickets for the (food- or wine-related) prizes donated by foodbloggers all over the world. Each raffle ticket costs $US10. For more details of this year’s Menu for Hope campaign, visit these sites:
* Helen’s site (host site for Asia-Pacific region)
* Pim's site (Worldwide prize round-up)
* Donation page

So what am I donating this year? OK.
The prize from Obachan in Kochi, Japan for Menu for Hope III campaign is … drum roll…. A Wagashi-making kit! (Prize code: AP16) :D

This WAGASHI (Japanese sweets) MAKING KIT contains:
- Mochiko (Unsweetened Rice flour) x 1 pkg
- Shiro-an (Sweetened white bean paste) x 2 pkgs
- Flat picks and serving plates (for serving wagashi)
- Japanese paper (can be used for serving wagashi)
- Cookie/vegetable cutters: Maple leaf, cherry blossom, ginkgo leaf and plum blossom
- English recipe for:
1. Ichigo daifuku (Strawberry and sweet bean paste in rice cake)
2. Nerikiri

Now, I’m going to post the recipes here on this site, too, in order to inspire the readers. (I mean, if you have no idea of what they look like and how easy/difficult to make them, how can you get inspired?) If you want to give these a try, but cannot buy the ingredients where you live, don’t hesitate! BUY A RAFFLE TICKET for this prize! ;) Even if you can find similar ingredients in your neighborhood, they may not be exactly the same as what I use, thus may not guarantee a success when you tried out these recipes.

Moreover, this kit contains the vegetable cutters that obachan has used like this and this and this and this. Don’t you want to try the same thing? Plus, there are other small things in this kit to give your wagashi an extra Japanese touch when they are served. So why wait? Buy raffle tickets and win this prize! :D Again, visit Helen's site to see what you should do.

Ichigo Daifuku Recipe

Nerikiri Recipe

*I'll probably keep revising these recipes, making corrections, adding tips, etc. And the winner of this prize will receive the final (which means the best) version of the recipes in the kit.
Of course, the winner should get what's best.



Susan Voisin said...

What a great prize! Are you willing to ship it to the U.S.?

obachan said...

Of course! :D

Susan Voisin said...

Terrific! I've been looking at all of your wonderful creations and would love to be able to make some myself.

Unknown said...

Obachan! What a fabulous idea for a prize! I am sure the winner will be loving the gift, plus special recipes you post on your blog. Good job for thinking of such a nice prize!

Anonymous said...

Obachan, what flower is on the vase? gomenasai if this is an unimportant question...>__<

obachan said...

Oh, how nice of you. Thank you!
With your talent, I'm sure you'll make very creative and beautiful wagashi. :)

Thanks. In the past year, I have heard from some readers that they wanted to find bean paste or veggie cutters, so I thought they would make a nice prize. I remember that some wanted takoyaki-making device, some wanted tamagoyaki-pan, and some wanted the sake cooler. But those were either too big or fragile. Sorry!

Sorry, I don't know. I took that logo from Pim's site. Maybe the creator of that logo knows what flowers they are, but I don't remember who made that logo.