Friday, December 01, 2006

Sake to Sakana #4 Tosa Space Sake on BBC Radio!!

It was about a month ago when I received an email from a broadcast Journalist named Mr. Richard Kimber who lives in Tokyo and works for the BBC News. He wrote that he was making a radio program about the Tosa Space Sake 土佐宇宙酒 and looking for people to interview. So I contacted the young president of a local brewery which I visited about a year ago, and asked him if there’s someone in Tokyo who knows a lot about this space sake project. He gave me the information on a big sake-tasting gathering in Tokyo, at which almost all the breweries in Kochi brought their brands of space sake and invited the press people and the public to taste them.

I forwarded the info. to Mr. Kimber immediately. Then a couple of days ago, he emailed me and said that the space sake story was broadcasted on the BBC radio. The BBC!! The story in this small, rural city was broadcasted on the BBC!! Can you believe this?! And I contributed to make it come true! :D

If you are interested, the story about the space sake was in a program called “Culture Shock.”
You can hear the voice of that famous sake connoisseur, Mr. John Gauntner, too.
The space sake feature is about 20 minutes into the program, and it will be available until next Tuesday. (Sorry, it's no longer available.)



Anonymous said...

Congratulations Obachan - you are now an official source for authentic japanese cooking/drinking news. Well done! We always knew this was where to go for the real news.
On a similar note - isn't it great that the weather is getting colder. All that warm sake and oden....

Unknown said...

Congratulations Obachan! You are famous! It is wonderful to have a BBC story about Sake!

obachan said...

Oh, am I? Hahaha...
It must be pretty cold over there in Osaka. Take care. Don't catch a cold.
I'm going for warm sake and nabe tomorrow night.

Gee. I don't know how to handle my fame. ;)