Friday, January 12, 2007


Black Sesame Tuiles

My first time making tuile cookies at home.

Almond Tuiles

I have to make a confession. Shaping was successful with two pieces per batch only; the third one broke when I pushed it against a rolling pin. So I gave up and left the rest flat. They all tasted good, though.

Next time I want to try them with ice cream ;)



Anonymous said...

these look really nice! I think ice cream would be nice with them too :)

Anonymous said...

Ice cream is an excellent idea.

- Chubbypanda

Anonymous said...

You can warp them over the bottom of a cup (guinomi or maybe some yunomi) to make nice ice cream bowls (I sometimes pinch the corners to make them a bit more square).

Anonymous said...

They look so delicate and lovely! You wouldn't be able to stop me from piping some lemon-creme into them, I think.

Anonymous said...

Obachan! They looked so pretty and nice! But pardon my ignorance, what is a tuile? What is it made of? Flour?

Anonymous said...

These look stunningly delicious!

obachan said...

Yeah. I don’t know why I didn’t walk just a couple of blocks and buy vanilla ice cream before I started baking them.

Next time I’m definitely going for it. ;)

Jason truesdell
Excellent idea! I have a perfect little cup to shape the cookies. Thanks.

AH! Lemon crème! C’mon, don’t tempt me… :)

How about the description on this blog? Looks like some tuile recipes call for flour while others don’t. I used flour this time.
A great way to use up leftover eggwhites. ;)

Oh, thanks for the compliment. Actually it was the photo retouch software that did most of the work to make these cookies look good :P Hahaha….

Anonymous said...

I have never succeeded in making tuiles. So, Obachan, I must salute you!

obachan said...

Haha... Thanks. I guess we both should salute Jason who makes ice cream cups out of tuiles. ;)