Saturday, June 09, 2007

Cream Soda

This is what we call "Kuriimu sooda (cream soda)" here. I took this photo to share with my friend who loved this drink so much when she was in Japan.

(Photo taken at the small restaurant in the hospital where I had the surgery. )



Anonymous said...

sort of resembles "green river."

Anonymous said...

Looks very interesting.... what exactly is it made of????

Anonymous said...

Is it a scoop of ice-cream in soda? In Australia we call that a 'spider'...I don't know why! There used to be a band called 'Lime Spiders', named after that kind of drink. The cherry is a nice touch.

ghanima said...

Cool. Over here in Canada, ice cream in soda is called a "float". It's usually made with root beer.

Anonymous said...

looks delicious, and nothing like a Cream Soda over here in California. When I go to Japan again, I do want to try it.

obachan said...

You mean the soft drink from Chicago? I heard it’s lime flavored, right?

Green-colored soda (some say melon-flavored soda, but not necessarily, I think) and a scoop of vanilla ice cream… Oh, and a cherry.

Yep, it’s a scoop of vanilla ice cream. The name spider sounds so interesting. I wonder why, too.

Yeah, we have adopted the name “float” here and this drink is sometimes called “soda float,” too. BTW you just pushed a very dangerous button… I don’t like root beer but I LOVE ROOT BEER FLOAT. Now I have a terrible craving… Oh, I love root beer float much more than Snoopy does… Wait, was it Snoopy or Woodstock?

Hope you have a chance to come to Japan and try this drink. ;)

Anonymous said...

Definitely looking forward to try it when I go to Japan.... hopefully next year. ^^

Anonymous said...

Goodness, that makes so much more sense! I couldn't figure out why all of the Japanese "cream sodas" I had seen were blue or green with ice cream in them, instead of the lovely golden colour I'm used to seeing. Still, I love soda floats of all kinds, so it sounds delicious to me :}

Vegas and Food said...

"who loved this drink so much when she was in Japan." ok, are you talking about me??
Now, I want this soo much! Last time I had this was probably 10 years ago.

obachan said...

That’d be fantastic! ;)

In my childhood, “cream soda” was sort of a special drink available at coffee shops or restaurants only. I remember that eating the cherry on top was such an important ritual after enjoying the heavenly combination of the soda and ice cream.

Vegas and Food
Wow, another “cream soda” fan here. ;) I wonder if they have this drink on the West Coast… They seem to have anything Japanese over there, don’t they?

Anonymous said...

The green soda in Japanese cream soda seems to be a sort of vanilla soda flavored with additional flavoring chemicals that Americans will recognize from the Creamsicle and cheap orange-vanilla ice cream in little tubs sold with a wooden spoon.

Hiromi ordered this on my behalf once, and I remember the artificial flavor and greener-than-life color more than anything else. I think I'd probably have enjoyed it as a child, but it's a little too late for me...

Though I do like root beer floats.

obachan said...

When I tried root beer for the first time, it tasted like medicine and I didn't think I would want to drink it ever again. But I do think there's a magic in what vanilla ice cream can do... ;)