Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Garden Report - June 2007 -


Though I couldn't take care of my plants at all for about a week in May, they are doing perfectly fine now. *Special thanks to my mom who kindly watered them every day while I was in the hospital :)

Mitsuba kakiage don

... And her daughter made and ate this mitsuba kakiage don all by herself today... (It was oh so good..!!)

Blueberries (Sunshine blue)

Blueberries are ripening. I may get fewer but bigger berries this year.

Here's some more...

Parsley & Thyme

My thyme completely died last winter. This is a new generation.

Dill & Yam

I never thought about growing yam in my balcony garden. But last winter I bought one and couldn't use it up, and left it on the table for a while. After several weeks it looked still alive, so I planted it just from curiosity. Then this spring-- See the vine? It's growing so fast and now I'm a bit worried...

Dill again

I promise. Dill seed pickles this summer. I promise.



Anonymous said...

They are looking very fresh, better than mine, that after a successful winter in the kitche didn't like at all to be moved to the garden.
What do you have in the donburi beside mitsuba? Looks like chicken breasts? My very limited Japanese doesn't tell me what kakiage is.

Anonymous said...

Those blueberries look like they are going to be sweet and juicy. I personally prefer smaller ones, as they are sweeter, but I never had Sunshine Blues, so maybe those are sweeter ;)

Unknown said...

I am excited for your blueberries! Oh, what will you make with them this year?

Winslow said...

Beautiful mitsuba. My mitsuba from last year played out and so far none of the seeds have germinated. I may have to start from scratch again.

Mmm, blueberries. It's getting to be berry season here in the States, so I wish you great success with this year's crop! :)

Anonymous said...

between you and me....the posts about your balcony garden is the reason I visit this website.

obachan said...

Those white chunks were eye of scallop (shellfish valve muscles). For more info. about kakiage, click here. :D

I like smaller ones, too. Actually sunshine blue is known for sweet, rather small berries, IIRC. For some reason, berries on my bush have gotten bigger in the past few years.

Either muffins or pancakes. I may not get enough for tarts…

Sorry to hear about your mitsuba. Mine didn’t germinate first time, but it worked when I tried it again last April.
I’m really looking forward to picking my berries.

OH, thank you for telling me the secret. OK. I won’t tell anyone. ;)