Sunday, August 05, 2007

Expanding my "hot-day meal" repertoire...??

Roasted Cherry Tomatoes on Home-made Focaccia

It was about 2 weeks ago when I visited Suzan’s wonderful site and read about her roasted baby tomatoes. Living in a rural town known for its tomato production, I knew that I was going to give it a try sometime soon. And look! I did. :)

If I forgot to mention this before, our prefecture, Kochi is famous for tomatoes as well as fresh seafood. Some “sweet” varieties grown here have become popular throughout the country, especially after the news related to Japanese Royal family. What news? It was that when Princess Kiko was pregnant, Empress Michiko sent her some bottled tomato juice. The empress thought that the good-tasting and highly nutritious juice was good for a pregnant woman . That tomato juice was made in Kochi using locally grown sweet tomatoes called “fruit tomato.”

Personally, I love to eat the "fruit tomatoes" raw, but never use them for cooking, not only because they are lacking the refreshing mild tartness which, I think, is important for tomato sauce, stew, etc., but also because they are darn expensive.

So, of course I tried roasting regular, inexpensive cherry tomatoes. Look! Lovely, aren't they?

To be honest, for some reason they turned out a lot more sour than I had expected. (I wonder why.) But they were still very good with a tempting aroma.

Suzan presented them on a slice of tasty-looking bruschetta, but I couldn’t find anything like that at a nearby bakery and I didn’t think I could bake such a thing myself. After searching for an alternative idea, I found this focaccia recipe, and thought it was what I wanted.

As the recipe says, the focaccia was so easy to make that even I had a great success. ;) When eaten with this Italian bread, the roasted tomatoes did not taste too tart, and the bread and tomatoes made a real good combination together.

My “hot day meals” used to include some traditional Japanese dishes and some spicy Asian or Mexican dishes only. But this summer I’m interested in expanding my repertoire of Italian dishes.
Oh, I’m serious. ;)



child-prodigy said...

I just love reading your Blog! A few years back, I had saved your blog in my favorites. And until recently, I decided to catch up with what I had missed. I even started my own food blog after a few days of food blog browsing.

On a side note though, I do have to agree with you. When tiny tomatoes are roasted, they taste a bit tart. In its raw form it doesn't taste that tart. Reason being is the concentration of flavors after shrinking. There has to be a scientific reason to it as well, but I don't know what yet. XD

child-prodigy said...

Thanks for dropping by my blog! =D

Susan Voisin said...

Your photos are so beautiful! I'm sorry your tomatoes turned out tart--don't know why that happened--but the focaccia is absolutely lovely.

Viji said...

Lovely photos and it is interesting recipe. Came from Chanit's blog. Your focaccia looks so professional. Viji

Rosa's Yummy Yums said...

Wow, your focaccia looks wonderful! Perfect! And with those cherry tomatoes, mmmhhhh.....

Patricia Scarpin said...

That focaccia looks divine, and the tomato topping makes it heavenly in my humble opinion! :)

obachan said...

Mmmm… concentration of flavors. That makes sense.
BTW, you have a nice blog. Enjoy blogging.

Oh, it’s very nice of you to come here and comment on this post so quickly. Thank you so much for sharing the recipe. You really helped me broaden my horizon! :D

Hi. Thanks for coming and leaving a nice comment. Professional? Oh, that’s flattering but real professionals would be mad. Hahaha…

Thank you. I really had fun making focaccia. Next time I might try home-baked focaccia with ratatouille.

Patricia Scarpin
Thank you. It was a good combination and I enjoyed it very much :)

K and S said...

that foccacia looks great!

Chubbypanda said...

Roasting any watery fruit or vegetable concentrates its flavor by removing water. Since tomatoes, even sweet tomatoes, are naturally acidic, roasting them will make them taste much more sour.

Your tomatoes look delicious!

Violet said...

That does look delicious. A perfect summer snack. I want to bake my own bread but I'm not much of a baker. ;)

obachan said...

K & S
Thanks :)

Mmmm... That makes sense. I used to think that roasting vegetables would make them sweeter, but what I had in mind were vegetables that contain starch. Thanks for the info.

Oh, I'm not much of a baker, either. But even I could do this much, so why not everyone?! ;)

Great Stone Face said...

I tried making the tomatoes. Wow, what an intense tomato flavor! Thanks for pointing us to the rceipe.

obachan said...

I'm so glad to hear that you gave it a try. :D