Sunday, August 19, 2007

Summer with Many Gifts

Gifts from two caring friends

It was not a long time ago when I posted about the lovely care package from Hawaii, remember? Now look at these goodies! My good friend and his wife brought these all the way from England. How nice of them! This certainly is a special summer. I really wonder what I did to deserve all the gifts.

I'm crazy about this can -- or I should say tin, considering where it is from. So artistic and exotic! I'm sure the tea will taste excellent.

And I'm terribly curious about the "apple & mint jelly with cider." They said it would be nice with sausage or something, and I'm going to give it a try as soon as my stomach problem is gone. (I don't know exactly what was wrong... It must be something I had tne night before...) Stay tuned for another post on "English breakfast- Obachan's version" which should be coming soon.



Valentina said...

Can't wait to see your version.

Pinkity said...

Welcome back obachan!

ChroniclesofChaos said...

Heya Obachan!

Apple and Mint Jelly... absolutely perfect with lamb or gamier game meats!

K and S said...

I hope you feel better soon! Enjoy your gifts. I think the Apple-mint Jelly would be nice with lamb. I know they serve mint jelly with rack of lamb in the U.S.

Ian said...

Hope you feel better soon, sorry we haven`t had a chance to see you again while we are here but we became busier than expected. Oh I know the answer to the question what have you done to deserve this, you`re a wonderful human being, and it is a pleasure for us to bring you small gifts, you help to keep us in touch with Kochi with your blog, and we look forward to seeing you again soon, hopefully it won`t be a year away this time(though that depends alot on luck) hope you can join us in a karaoke next time ;)

The Sisters said...

Hi Obachan!

I've been viewing your lovely blog for a few months.

May I suggest trying the apple & mint jelly with pork/ beef roast? Usually we have apple sauce with pork roast and mint jelly with beef roast and it's yum! :)

Have fun!
Lin 雅。

Almost Vegetarian said...

Your gifts are lovely, but you are right, that tin is a delight! Sure to cheer you up every time you catch sight of it in your kitchen.


Anonymous said...

We always had mint jelly with a roast lamb meal. why not go the whole way and make a roast meal- lamb and roast potatoes seasoned with garlic and rosmary, and seasonal vegetables

obachan said...

Well, I guess I’m going to wait a little while and see what kind of suggestions I get.

Thanks. Hope you had (or are having) a great summer vacation!

Tickles’ belly flops
Mmmm… lamb or game meats. I wonder if those are available in town…

K & S
Another vote for lamb. Let’s see. I don’t think it’s totally impossible to find lamb here, but the question is where in town…

It was great seeing you guys again. I really doubt that I’m such a wonderful human being, but thank you very, very much for your warm gifts. Yep, I’ll keep posting about our small town so please come visit anytime. I’ll miss you guys! :(

The sisters
Hi. Thanks for your comment. : ) OK, pork or beef is much easier to find here. Maybe that’s where I should start.

Almost vegetarian
It sure does. This tin is going to stay in my kitchen (or near my book shelf) forever.

Oh, your suggestion sounds so tempting! I really need to do a serious research on where I can buy some lamb here.

Anonymous said...

Very nice..! i love receiving surprise gift..! How are you .. Obachan..?? i did not forget you ..and i do visit often.. even though i haven't commented alot of late.

obachan said...

Oh, Hi! Sooooooo great to hear from you! :D
I've been doing fine. Just trying to change my daytime job. Sorry I haven't commented on your site for such a long time. Your little girl is so big now!