Saturday, November 24, 2007

Shishito Pasta

Shishito and Shirasu Pasta

My colleague gave me some shishito yesterday and I tried out a "shishito and shirasu (dried baby sardine) pasta" recipe.
Very simple seasoning -- garlic, olive oil, red pepper and salt -- but surprisingly tasty.
I enjoyed it with yuzu chu-hai and 'cheese on baguette' (?).

Mmmm.... should I categorize this under "Japanese" or "Western-inspired?"

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Anonymous said...

That definitely looks good! I don't know what to categorize it under either. I'd say "Western-inspired", but that is just me.

Unknown said...

Looks good! I vote for western-inspired. I love simple garlic, olive oil, salt and pepper on pasta.

SkyJuice said...

I'm having chickenpox with little appetite, but would love to have pasta right now. Can I have some of yours?

Anonymous said...

Looks great. Never thought about using shishito for pasta but I think it's a great idea.

Love your blog BTW.

Anonymous said...

Obachan, how do I get my pictures to look like yours? The green is green, the pasta is yellowish, the glisten on top of the noodles is just so perfect...

obachan said...

You think this looks good? Thank you. I thought most people find these baby sardine gross. Glad that you were not put off. :)

Yeah, the garlic + olive oil combination is just divine. It was the taste I had never experienced in my childhood, but I loved it instantly when I first tried it.

OMG, chickenpox?! Hope you recover soon. Take care...
Sorry, no pasta left, but if possible, I wouldn't mind making some right now and sending it to you. (But maybe it's not good to eat something spicy when you have chickenpox? That's what my grandma said...)

Yeah, shishito pasta was a new idea to me, too. I found the recipe on the net a while ago, but would have never actually tried it if these shishito peppers were not given to me.

The secret? PhotoFiltre.
To be honest, there is almost no photo here on my blog that I didn't give any retouch before uploading. There seem to for photo retouching, so why not? ;)

Anonymous said...

hmm.. the common term here for this mix of cusines is asian fusion. The House in San Francisco is an excellent example of this type of food. If you ever get to the city, give it a try... you won't be sorry :) here is their web site if your curious.

BTW... needless to say your pasta looks quite tasty...


Ms One Boobie said...

Interesting..!! and looks absolutely yummy..!!

SkyJuice said...

Thanks, Obachan. I'm on the road to recovery. I read that chickenpox in adults is more serious because it can lead to complications such as pneumonia.

Neem leaves are still my companion. The leaves are said to be the best remedy for chickenpox. I use the leaves for shower, as a calamine lotion substitute (because calamine didn't work on me) and I sleep on the leaves at night. The rashes had shrunk and stopped itching after being in contact with the leaves on the second day the spots appeared. The anti-itchy pills didn't work on me. I couldn't sleep peacefully on the first night as the spots were itchy and painful!

Oh, I found out that neem leaves make excellent insect repellent as well. Can't wait for the spots to disappear!

obachan said...

Thanks, Masa. I've been to SF only once for a few days before. It was very chilly and the clam chowder I had tasted excellent! I wish I have another chance to visit. Then I'll go to The House for sure.

It was much better than I had expected, honestly. The saltiness from the dried baby fish is the key, I think.

I hope the spots disappear and you recover completely soon. I had chickenpox when I was 20 or 22, and had a terrible fever. And yeah, itchy.

I don't think I have seen Neem before -- it's not popular here in Japan-- but I'm glad that you have something to ease uncomfortable symptoms. Take care. :)

Anonymous said...

Late to comment! >< but this looks very intriguing! Its cool, because I often make an anchovies/garlic/olive oil/red pepper pasta that seems very similar to this, but I never thought to use Shisito peppers! I even have a small Shisito plant in my garden! Next time, I will try to add the shisito pepper!

Anonymous said...

Yuzu chuhai? Homemade? I love chuhai and make my own using different fruit nectar juices such as mango, peach, apricot, passion fruit and kiwi.

obachan said...

Terribly sorry about the late reply.
I've never tried anchovies but I've seen a lot of anchovy pasta recipes, so ... yeah, I, too, think that shishito and anchovy may go well together. If you already gave it a try, I really want to know what you thought about it. Hope you enjoyed it.

No, it was not homemade. It was a canned stuff and the cheapest brand.
Your list of homemade chuhai sounds awfully tempting! The good thing about homemade is that you can control the amount of juice/chuai to suit your taste, right? ;)

Anonymous said...

Excellent. I planted 3 shishito in our postage-stamp-sized Tokyo garden without realizing how prolific they are. I have been scouring the web looking for recipes so that I can use them up. This one is great.