Saturday, December 08, 2007

Experimenting with Yuzu Kosho - 1- Chicken and Lettuce Pasta

Chicken and Lettuce Pasta with Yuzu kosho

So today I tried out one of the yuzu kosho pasta recipes that I found on the net. Well, to be more precise, I combined two different recipes ('chicken and lettuce pasta with yuzu kosho' and 'Tuna cream yuzu kosho pasta') and added my own twist, too. Let me call this "chicken and lettuce cream pasta with yuzu kosho." Long name, ha? The ingredients were: chicken, lettuce, spaghetti, garlic, olive oil, heavy cream, salt, pepper and yuzu kosho.

The dish turned out better than I had expected. When I took the first bite of the pasta, I thought it was very light-tasting... almost close to being bland, even with the refreshing aroma of yuzu. (Maybe I added a little too much pasta cooking water. See how runny the sauce is in the photo?) But a pleasant kick of green chilli followed right after, and it made me want another bite, and one more... until the dish was finally empty! :D
And it went so well with sparkling rose wine.

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Ms One Boobie said...

Ahh.. improvision done best at home.. ;)

K and S said...

sounds delicious!yny

K and S said...

sorry disregard the "yny" at the end of my comment!

Anonymous said...

Lettuce with pasta? hmm...interesting! I never thought of this combination before~

Rosa's Yummy Yums said...

That dish looks very yummy! Cooked lettuce is really delicious...