Thursday, January 24, 2008

I Didn't Forget

My Very First SPAM Musubi

Didn't I say (write) that I was interested in trying out SPAM musubi? Yes, I did here (in the comment section). Well, it was July. And now it's January. But I don't care. I finally gave it a try!

Yes, I loved this fusion(?) musubi very much. :D No wonder it's so popular in Hawaii.

This says 25% less sodium, but I thought it was pretty salty.

Looks like there exist many creative versions of SPAM musubi in Hawaii. I've been reading about them since this morning. It's so much fun and inspiring.
Well... Don't I still have plenty of SPAM? And plenty of time, too...??
;) ;)

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Rei said...

Hello Obachan,
Your presentation and photo make spam musubi look soooo good. Usually not my favorite but, my mouth is watering!

K and S said...

I love spam musubi! I usually fry the spam in sugar and shoyu and then put some diced takuan in between the rice and spam. Your version looks delicious!

 gmirage said...

Ah, is this called Musubi? My friend makes this, spam but somehow like a bigger makisushi and it is really good.

I haven't visited for a long time and I missed a lot of your entries! I'd be sure to drop by often! Arigatou for the recipes you have here. ;-)

☆Hachiko☆ said...

:D Just when I was thinking about Spam Musubi, I came across your post haha! Looks delicious!

Donna said...

Looks very good! I think the plain rice works well with the saltiness of the spam. I like cucumber with mine as well.

KirkK said...

Hi Obachan - You're Spam Musubi made me a bit didn't eat all them, did you?

obachan said...

Thanks. My lovely digital camera worked hard as usual. ;)

K & S
Have you noticed that the two in the back look a bit browner? I fried them in shoyu and mirin as an experiment, and I liked them better than those with plain SPAM. Diced takuan sounds good. Or maybe asazuke daikon.

BTW, did someone from Kyodo News contact you about two weeks ago?

Mmmm... it's great to hear that someone is making makisushi in your country.

Arigatou for visiting! :)

Hachiko(with stars)
Of course I posted this entry just for you, dear ;);)

Yeah, cucumber sounds good, too. Some juicy, crispy vegetable. I might try things like miso, tamagoyaki, and at some point I'll probably find myself holding a tube of mayonnaise... :P

Of course I did! :D But don't worry. Those were very small SPAM musubi-- about the size of nigiri-zushi. Take a close look. I cut one slice of SPAM into four pieces, so what's on top of each musubi is just a quater of one SPAM slice.

K and S said...

actually they contacted me about 3 months ago. was it for an interview?

Anonymous said...

Hey.. Obachan,
i wonder always if the spam here is the same as luncheon meat we get from china.. ?? the ma ling brand ones..??

Anonymous said...

Oh, Spam Musubi....

It was one of the few things I could eat when I had morning sickness. What would I have eaten if I hadn't been living in Hawaii? Is it really all that bad???? Is it available in Japan (I don't think I've ever seen it there)?

By the way, in Hawaii Spam is also referred to as lunchen meat.

Anonymous said...

hi obachan, how have you been? :)

I've never had spam musubi although I love rice and like spam and LOVE sushi, never had it all together like this before. I'll have to try this out. My children will think I've lost my mind. lol!

Anonymous said...

Yup, we do love it in Hawaii. I always take some with me when I go fishing. I also like the version using spam and a layer of egg in the musubi. It's very good for breakfast. :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Obachan,

I couldn't help but smile when I saw the photo. Your Spam musubi looks so good! Now I will have make some, you've made me hungry!!


Rosa's Yummy Yums said...

That's a great idea! Very fusion food! They look gorgeous!



obachan said...

K & S
Yeah. I was wondering if it was one of those fake things to get you to respond.

Mama bok
SPAM is also called luncheon meat, I think, but I don't know if they make it in the same way with the same ingredients as the Chinese one.

SPAM musubi for morning sickness?? Mmmm... interesting.

SPAM is available in Japan, but may not be at regular supermarkets. I bought thi

Hi! I'm OK, but not being able to find a daytime job is so frustrating.

Hey, by witnessing your SPAM musubi adventure, your kids would learn how being flexible can broaden one's culinary horizon. Go for it! ;D

Oh, I envy you! Living in Hawaii and going fishing often. That's my dream life!

Hi! So nice to hear from you.
I didn't know that SPAM was that salty, so I sliced it pretty thick this time. Next time I'll slice it thinner.

Yep, I like this kind of fusion. :)

K and S said...

no, no they were real, if you still have some time to answer, you should :)

Unknown said...

Obachan, your Span sushi looks so good! I am inspired to think about making it myself.

Anonymous said...

Obachan, in California, we add fried egg to the Spam musubi! Its delicious! ^^

obachan said...

K & S
Thanks, Kat. I did. ;)

Oh, give it a go! Enjoy the collaboration between the nicely cooked rice and the saltiness of the luncheon meat.

Yeah, I can tell that fried egg and spam can go together very well. I have to do that for my breakfast sometime soon.

K and S said...

good! :)

Snug said...
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Snug said...

yum. now i crave spam. in the philippines we fry spam and eat it with rice and egg for breakfast or dinner...i like to dip my spam in sugar before frying it, it gives it a sweet caramelized crust.

obachan said...

Hi. I think spam and egg makes a great combination. Yes, I like adding a little sweetness to SPAM, too. (I used mirin.)

Anonymous said...

Hmm... You know I never tried spam until I ate spam musubi in Japan. :) I wonder where I can find spam here. It used to be more popular in America however I have not seen it for years now. I should look for it to try this out!