Thursday, May 15, 2008

Seared Tuna with Soy Butter Sauce

Seared Tuna with Soy-Butter Sauce

This is an idea which I stole from a Japanese magazine a while ago. (I forgot if it was "Orange Page" or "ESSE.") And IIRC, this was an idea by a Japanese chef named Kentaro. He is a well-known chef in Japan (partly because his mom is a popular chef) and he has written many cook books. There are some Japanese people who do not care for his recipes very much, saying that his recipes tend to be a bit too buttery, and I might as well agree with that opinion.

But this recipe somehow caught my attention, and I was totally happy that I tried it out. This was actually a new discovery to me. Yes, I knew that soy-butter sauce is great with meat or fish. What I didn't know before was that how great green onions (negi) taste when sauteed with soy-butter sauce! Honestly, I didn't think the fish was terribly great, but I just loved the green onion topping with rich soy-butter sauce. Yum! :D



K and S said...

the sauce sounds yummy!

Unknown said...

this is a fantastic foodie it here :)

Rosa's Yummy Yums said...

What a gorgeous dish! Everything looks delicious!



Anonymous said...

Your photo elicits a strong mouth-watering effect!
I used to like lemon in my shoyu & butter sauce over fish heavily topped with scallions. But now I have restricted butter down to bare essential use.
Europeans seem to eat a lot of butter, cream, cheese & salami, etc. without many negative health risks. I think they do much more walking & eat a sensible serving size.
Sorry, I'm rambling now. I will stop! Bye! :)
Thanks for you blog,

Pip said...

How do you make soy-butter sauce?

Anonymous said...

Soy-Butter sauce? That sounds so interesting, I would have to try it. I honestly would never think that soy sauce and butter would be a good combination, but yet the mere thought of it right now is making me salivate, and I just ate!

 gmirage said...

I always tried to grill tuna but doesn't turn the way I want it cooked, I'll try this...thanks!

Obachan, you are invited and everyone as well to join the Food for Which My City/Town is Known for Listing. See you in this event!

Mama Mia said...

mmmm that looks perfect and I would love that sauce too!

Anonymous said...

Obachan, thanks for your encouragement, and I will try yeast baking when I have a holiday!

I love green onions too! Whenever it comes with steamed fish at a Chinese restaurant, I always go for the green onions first instead of the fish :)

Great Stone Face said...

I tried soy butter sauce on a couple of pan-roasted mahi-mahi fillets the other night. My wife loved it. I just lightly floured, salted, and peppered the mahi fillets, then out them in a hot oiled pan on the stove for a few minutes each side. I mixed 2 tbsps. each of melted butter, oyster sauce, and soy sauce, then added the mix to the pan and turned the fillets over in the sauce. I topped them with lightly sauteed sliced green onions and minced red bell pepper. Rice on the side, of course.

MyEpikorean said...

Mm... I love seared tuna and soy butter sounds delicious! I'm a bit confused though, do you post recipes for your food photos as well? I would love to know how to make soy butter...

obachan said...

K & S
Thanks. I really liked sautéed negi with the sauce. I actually thought that I could make more or sautéed negi and put it over a bowl of rice to make negi-butter-shoyu donburi.

Thank you! Hope you keep coming back.

It’s so nice of you to always leave an encouraging comment. Appreciate it. :)

Oh, lemon in the shoyu-butter sauce must be a good idea.
Maybe Europeans have special enzyme to degrade fat? (No, I guess that was the enzyme which degrades lactose, IIRC.) Anyway, I’m trying to cut down butter as much as possible, too. Not just from health concern but because of the shortage of butter now!

I must have misplaced the magazine because I can’t find it anywhere in my room. Sorry, I can’t check the recipe now. IIRC, I guess the recipe called for about the same amount of butter and soy sauce, but it sounded too buttery for me, so I added some white wine to thin it down.

If you google with “soy butter sauce” you’ll get many interesting recipes. There may be the one you really like. ;)

Oh I love the combination of soy sauce and some dairy products – provided that you don’t use too much soy sauce for that. It could be only me but I do think certain fermented food and dairy products go together… like soy sauce and butter, soy sauce and cheese, miso and cheese… though, again, the right proportion is important.

Yeah, grilling fish in a perfect way is not easy. I mean it’s not just the seasoning but you need to understand your grilling equipment well. I need more experience, too…
Thanks for the invitation to the listing. I’ll join the fun pretty soon. :D

It was OK, but I might like this sauce better with beef or scallops.

Really? It must be good for your health, too. :) I used to hate green

Great stone face
Mmmm… Your dish sounds so good! With the oyster sauce added it must have been a lot richer, wasn’t it? Gee, I’m hungry now.

Sorry, I don’t post English translations of Japanese recipes without permission from the original recipe authors, and it is almost always impossible to get the permission. And in this case, I cannot find the magazine any more and I don’t remember the amounts of butter and soy sauce called for in the recipe. And, as I mentioned in above comment, I thinned it down with wine and the my sauce was pretty different from the original recipe.

I guess, again as I wrote somewhere above, you can find many soy-butter sauce recipes by googling with “soy-butter sauce” and “recipe.” Hope you find the one that you like. :)

Anonymous said...

This looks pretty amazing - something I wouldn't mind trying, and this coming from the commenter who does not particularly like fish!

I've never heard of soy-butter sauce before, it sounds quite interesting.

Anonymous said...

Oh my Obachan, you have a butter shortage in Kochi! Well, I guess Japan does not have a lot of extra space for dairy farming. Is butter very popular in Japan?

obachan said...

Wow, I feel flattered. But if you're not too crazy about fish, I guess beef or scallops can be wonderful alternatives.

It's not a butter shortage in Kochi but throughout this country. Check this out.

Here in Japan, the majority of people do not need to have butter always at the meal table. Not many people eat bread three times a day, and to spread on bread, many prefer (butter flavored) margarine because it spreads much more easily and trans fat is not a big issue here yet. And we don't use as much butter for cooking everyday meals as Westerners do.

I think, aside from those in the food industry, it's young home bakers who are suffering the most from the butter shortage.

Anonymous said...


Check Tess food site out. She uses shoyu butter among other ingredients for her wafu steak sauce. Looks delicious. -lance

Anonymous said...

Oh, that's me! The soy butter is really good with other vegetables than just onions. Try it with asparagus or broccoli.

obachan said...

Thanks for the link. Yeah, looks so good! I was so impressed with the idea of using brandy. Yum!

Hi! Your wafu steak looks just so mouth watering. Ahhhhh... I wish I were there to taste your gorgeous meal. :)

Anonymous said...
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