Thursday, May 08, 2008

Whole Wheat Bread

Whole Wheat Bread

This is a very good recipe from Allrecipes. Even I was able to bake something like this. :)

The recipe does deserve five stars, I think.


K and S said...


Anonymous said...

This bread looks so good! Maybe I should get over my fear of yeast.


Rosa's Yummy Yums said...

Your bread looks beautiful! A gorgeous loaf!



Pip said...

TIs is a wonderful bread, better then the original on Allrecipes! ;P

Anonymous said...

I always want to bake bread, and even have some yeast in my cupboard, but I'm always too nervous to start. How did you decide to first try baking with yeast? Maybe I can find some courage too!

obachan said...

K & S
Thanx! :)

Fear of yeast?! Hey, what happened?

I was so glad that it came out of the oven like this, because I was so worried that it may not rise at all.

Oh, the original is very good. It's just that my photos are close-ups.

The secret is "craving," my dear. You see I live in a small town, and the nearby bakeries do not sell my favorite kinds of bread, like oatmeal bread, pita bread or cinnamon rolls. So, here in a rural town, if you crave something but cannot buy it anywhere, the only thing you can do is making it yourself.

I wasn't successful in the beginning when I was letting the dough rise in a "warm place." But after I started using my oven for that process (at 40 degrees C / 104 F), I have had satisfactory results.

Now are you feeling courageous? ;)

Anonymous said...

I miss making bread. When my kids were small "we" made bread every Friday. Well, maybe I'll go buy some yeast! I'd like to have the fragrance of fresh bread in the house and the taste of fresh bread out in may garden.
Thank you again for your inspirational blog!

ChroniclesofChaos said...

Hello Obachan!

Thanks so much for this blog. It looked so good that I thought I might give yeast another try.

I substituted active dry yeast for baker's yeast and even used unbleached AP Flour (instd of bread flour) because that was all I had available when I decided to summon courage to make it at 9pm.

It's a fantastic bread despite my substitutions and I have you to thank for that! Honto nii!


p.s. The horrid smell of yeast in my baked goods was non-existent in this bread! Ooh La La!

obachan said...

OMG...! I had fragrance of fresh bread in my kitchen, but the "taste of fresh bread out in may garden" part made me really jealous!!! :D

Tickles'belly flops
Oh, I'm glad that you enjoyed your bread! I guess the original recipe author deserves the credit for your success, though. ;)