Saturday, June 14, 2008

TLA #1 - Breaded and Deep-fried Sardines -

Breaded and Deep-fried Sardines

I went fishing today and caught 16 sardines. Yes, I love fishing, though I haven't been fishing for YEARS... since childhood. My dad used to fish a lot and he took me with him several times when I was an elementary school kid, and that was about all my fishing career. But I had been secretly dreaming about buying my own fishing rod and going fishing whenever I feel like it. And last month, I finally bought myself a fishing rod -- as a reward for going through a hard time.

I blurred this photo for those who do not think that sardines have cute eyes...

Because I don't live close to the beach now, going fishing always means 30 to 40 minutes bicycle-riding. Actually I'm not too crazy about that part, especially when I have to carry my fishing rod on my shoulder, but still that doesn't keep me from my new hobby. ;) So some residents of Kochi city have witnessed, in the past few weeks, a middle-aged woman coming to some popular fishing points in Kochi city by a squeaky old bicycle and feeding fish. Hahaha

Today I had a better luck and caught enough for my dinner. :D

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Rosa's Yummy Yums said...

A delicious looking meal!



K and S said...

way to go! looks good.

Anonymous said...

That's definitely much better than buying them fried from the supermarket ;). Good luck with your new hobby! It makes me wish I lived near the ocean, too.

Anonymous said...

Fresh fish! That's the best meal, I think. Healthy and delicious. Too bad I don't know how to fish. I tried to go fishing with my dad once, but neither of us knew how to fish. We tried using corn as bait, but of course we caught nothing :)

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Anonymous said...

hi obachan, you just made me want some fried fish!

How have you been? I've missed out a lot on your blog. Love your garden!

Anonymous said...

*gasp* Fresh fish! I LOVE fresh fish! (I've only had it once...>.>) I want fresh fish now...

 gmirage said...

Living in your place makes me feel fonder for the simplicity of Japan...

I bet my son would like to go fishing for our dinner too...

Btw Obachan, you forgot> you are invited to join the Food for Which My City/Town is Known For Listing. See you!

haha and for all foodies who visit your blog too, this invitation id for them also! =)

David said...

I love your blog! Could you please take pictures of the ocean where you fish? Also, any pictures of things around your town would be so nice! Thank you!

obachan said...

Thank you.

K & S
The photo isn’t so great actually. The photos don’t turn out good when taken at night under the room light.

Yes, definitely! Preparing many small sardines this way was a pain in the neck, though.

Fresh and healthy…. Well… yeah, fresh indeed, but I have a little concern about the healthiness, to be honest. The place (bay) I went fishing this time had a pollution problem until about 10 years ago. Now the bay water is said to be clean enough and they say there is no problem eating the fish from there, but I still don’t feel completely comfortable. So the next time I’m going to ride my bicycle a bit longer and try somewhere else.

BTW, there is a kind of fish here that you can catch by using corn as bait. It’s black sea bream, one of the most prestigious fish here that all anglers here dream about catching. So what you guys did was not totally off the wall. ;)

Insane scribbler
Thanks for the info.

Hi Jmom.
I’ve gone through a lot but I’m still alive and enjoying small things in life, so cannot complain much. ;)

Yeah, real fresh fish is worth craving for. I mean it.

I guess I’m more and more fond of simple, nature-based lifestyle now.

And yes! I forgot about the listing. So sorry! It’s so nice of you to extend the deadline. I’ll definitely join it. Please wait! :D

OK. The next time I go fishing, I’ll take some photos. I promise. :)
And here are some ocean photos from this prefecture that you might be interested in. These are not my photos, but the places I go for fishing would look similar to these photos, I guess.

Hollywood Tai Tai said...

oh wow, that is quite some effort for dinner. But it's always happy to do something you love and have something to show for it. :)

obachan said...


Anonymous said...

Wow, I've been out of the loop for some time (Ohisashiburi desu)!
Omedeto gozaimasu on; your new fishing pole, on your great catch of the day, (your fried sardines look delicious) and your ambitious biking (grease that squeak though)!
I have a fishing pole that has only caught fish at a fish farm! Spent a small fortune on gear, licenses, and even a small inflatable boat, but no fish. :(
Hope you are well!