Sunday, June 22, 2008

Chinese Takeout

Chinese Takeout (With Special Discount around 6:30 pm)

I've been really bad this weekend. I didn't cook, clean or do the dishes. The only chore I did was doing the laundry, just because I got soaked wet in the rain on Saturday evening. :P

What was I up to this weekend, neglecting the housework? Well, I worked Saturday morning and was just lazy for the rest of the day. Today I slept in, and spent the whole afternoon and evening being an extra in a movie. (Details here.)

It was a great experience, but certainly exhausting. Hence, this Chinese takeout. I had absolutely no energy left when the filming for the day was over.



froy said...

Sounds like a full, and somewhat exciting weekend! :)

Anonymous said...

So what was it like being an extra? I heard that they just have you walk back and forth over and over again in the background sometimes. And you spend a lot of time sitting around waiting to walk back and forth. Hmm...I really want to try some day!

obachan said...

Yeah, that's true. It WAS a full weekend. Definitely. :)

Hahaha.. We did some walking-back-and-forth several times. And yep, some waiting-in-terrible-humidity, was included, too. But when this movie is released, it will be "our" movie. You know what I mean?

Anonymous said...

Please keep us posted about movie title, especially if it changes and release date.
btw, good photo of delicious, Chinese food! My mouth is watering.