Sunday, June 29, 2008

Mango Mousse Cake

Store-bought Mango Mousse Cake

No, I didn't make this cake. (Again!) That's why it looks so nice. :P
I came back from work around 3 pm, and felt like a relaxing tea time at home. My choice was this light, fluffy mousse cake with a chervil leaf from my balcony garden on top ...

... and this refreshing iced tea with a mint leaf from my balcony garden.

Though not raining, it is depressingly cloudy outside. It's another humid and gloomy day in the rainy season here. This tea time was really a good idea. I'm glad that I took this shot of iced tea. .. It looks refreshing and makes me feel better on a day like this.



Rosa's Yummy Yums said...

A very refreshing dessert and drink!



Anonymous said...

Oishii mitai! :-)

cherry said...

Hello ! It's nice to meet you :) Wow~~I can not stop my drool... It looks wonderful!! I am not good at make sweets, so I am very impressed you! I can relax to see your wonderful sweets!

Anonymous said...

It's been very rainy recently where I am. Somehow when it's rainy and cloudy I just can't be energetic. I could sure use a refreshing drink like that!

Anonymous said...

Summer weather has finally arrived in and humid (but not as humid as Japan). So these photos look so refreshing and all I want is a large cold sip of iced tea and a cool bite of Mango Mousse cake.
Your photos continue to get better!

Mama Mia said...

all of the pastries in Japan are so amazing! iina~

obachan said...

Certainly. ;)

Anonymous commenter
Oishikatta desuyo. :)

Hello and thanks for the compliment. Actually many of the sweets on this site were store-bought, but I do like making sweets.

Oh, I don't blame you. I, too feel down on rainy days (especially when I have to ride my bicycle to work in the rain and the raincoat is still wet from the rain on previous days...!!!)

Thanks. I always thought that Seattle was nice and cool even in summer, but I guess not. I wish I had a bigger fridge to keep big pitchers of iced tea and lemonade.

Well... I'm not sure if "all" of them are so amazing, though...

Anonymous said...

that cake looks HEAVENLY!....popping colors...

obachan said...

I like the color, too. Thanks. :)