Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Suntanned Nectarine Cobbler?

Nectarine Cobbler -- believe it or not...

No, it's not suntan or cocoa powder added to the batter. What I actually did was that I ran out of flour the other day but forgot to buy some, so for this cobbler I used the whole wheat flour I managed to find in my kitchen.

Don't you think this looks terribly brown and gooey? But it tasted better than it looks, and even quite nice with ice cream on top. And more than anything, the color contrast of this brown cobbler and white vanilla ice cream was really nice and appetizing. (Too bad I didn't take a photo of the one with ice cream topping...)

Oh, for those who may be wondering: It's my summer ritual to make nectarine cobbler at least once a summer. As I wrote before, nectarines are usually available only for a couple of weeks in late July or early August around here, and in those weeks, making nectarine cobbler has more priority than other projects. ;)



K and S said...

sound delicious! are nectarines called plums in the supermarkets here?

Anonymous said...

nectarines are different to plums- they are similar to peaches, but taste sighty different and dont have furry skin

K and S said...

thanks katherine, I have seen nectarines in Hawaii, but I was wondering if what the Japanese were calling plums were actually plums or if they were nectarines.

felais said...


This really looks wonderful!

Do you have a recepie?

Thanks a bunch,

Fernanda Matos

ghanima said...

Hm, I really like the look of the deeper browns that whole wheat flour gives off. It makes me think of carmellization. The fact that it's a much healthier choice is a bonus!

Anonymous said...

Does using wheat flour affect the taste of the cobbler? Or does the sugar, butter, etc cover up the wheat taste? My first thought was also "using wheat must be healthier"...but when it's with sugar and butter and ice cream, maybe there's no difference ;)

Mama Mia said...

I have a nectarine in my yard and have been eating buckets of them everyday. This looks like something I could make with the nectarines! Yum~!

obachan said...

K & S
I don't know how they do it in Osaka, but here in Kochi, they seem to label nectarines "nekutarin" in Katakana. And there seem to be a little confusion about "plums" here. At the supermarket I always go, they labeled small sized nectarins "plums."

BTW, here's how Japanese wikipedia classifies them.
Nectarines (see the photo)
Plums (see the photo)
But it doesn't mean that all supermarkets in Japan follow this classification, you know.

Thanks. I guess here in Japan we are a bit confused about what "plums" are. I wonder if you agree with the above classificaton by Japanese wikipedia.

I used this recipe (the same one I use every summer)and replaced the all-purpose flour with whole wheat flour.

Yeah, healthier... if that whole wheat flour was still OK after being forgotten in the dark corner of my cupboard for months and months... :P

I think it affected the taste... or maybe I should say texture? I didn't really taste the wheat, but the crust was -- how should I say -- a bit heavier? more coarse? I think it's still healthier (even with the sugar and butter) because it has, at least, more fiber.

Eating buckets of them?! Oh I envy you!! You could bake all sorts of sweets with them and sell them. ;)

felais said...


Thank you for sharing!



K and S said...

okay, I think what we have in Osaka are truly plums. Thanks for the pics :)

Anonymous said...

Yummy . .looking .. :) different for sure.. :)

obachan said...

K & S
You're welcome. ;)

Crunchasarus rex
Hahaha... The taste wasn't too different, though.

Thanks for the invitation. It sounds like fun.