Sunday, August 17, 2008

Weekend at My Parents' House and Mom's Fig Jam

Mom's Fig Jam (2008 Version)

I was at my parents' house from Friday night till this afternoon and I just came back to my place.

Maybe some of you remember that I posted about my mom's fig jam last year? (Actually it was my younger sister who made the jam last year.) Well, the same old thing again this year. More than enough Plenty of figs, mom's shiso (perilla) drink and fresh sashimi were waiting for me there just like the previous year.

Mom's Fig Tree

Some more pics from the weekend. :)

* I posted some photos from Yosakoi Festival here, if you're interested.



Elizabeth said...

Ooh, that fig jam looks delicious.

Anonymous said...

Mmm yum, shiso drink. I've never had shiso drink but I LOVE shiso so I can imagine it must be delicious!

Anonymous said...

I love the picture of the entrance (genkan) of your parent's house. So welcoming! Are your parents traditional? Do the like cooking like you?

Anonymous said...

That fig jam looks so delicious! I have never had homemade jam, let alone homemade fig jam. You are so lucky. I hope you remembered to give your mom lots of thanks :)

Anonymous said...

Wow! If you have more than enough figs, it would be nice if you could teleport them to my house - our fig tree was killed by a sudden frost this spring. D:

I guess also because we don't take too much care of a garden.

Well, my mom was always complaining about how she never knew what to do with the figs anyway - if we ever get another tree, I'll suggest fig jam. It looks delicious!

Anonymous said...

Obachan, such pretty pictures. I do so enjoy your posts. How is your job going? Any more fishing recently?

obachan said...

Thanks! ;)

It is, but the original recipe is a bit too sweet for me. My dad asked mom to reduce the amount of sugar to half and I liked it much better.

Anonymous commenter
Oh, thanks! :D I thought it was a strange idea to take a photo of genkan, but the sunlight coming from outside made it look kind of interesting, so I took a shot. Yeah, my parents are pretty traditional, and both my mom and dad cook.

That makes me feel a bit guilty. Because mom makes a lot of shiso drink or fig jam, we take it for granted or even started feeling "oh, again?!" and forgot to thank her.

Really! I wish I could teleport them!! It would be nice to my mom and maybe many readers who love figs but cannot obtain them easily.

My mom doesn't take much care of her fig tree until summer, but once it starts having fruits, her endless battle with a wild animal called "hakubishin" (masked musang? masked palm civet?) starts. Loose net didn't work in the past, so now she covers each fig with a paper bag while it is young.

Making jam is a good idea because it is so easy if used microwave, and jam is versatile and keeps longer. BUT... you probably would feel "Again?!" if you see your mom making a bowlful of fig jam almost every other day.

Before leaving parents' house, I experimented and made fig sorbet and left it in mom's freezer. It was darn simple... just mixed fresh (peeled) figs, sugar and a little lemon juice in a blender. And I told mom to stir it again before it completely freezes. The mixture tasted a bit strange then and mom didn't look too happy to taste it. But in a couple of days, she called me and said that it turned out great when the mixture was frozen and she wanted to have the recipe of the sorbet. So, fresh fig sorbet can be an alternative, I guess.

Well... there's not much to tell about my fishing, but there is something to tell you about my job. Maybe in my next post...

Anonymous said...

Would love to try your fig jam.. Obachan.. :)

obachan said...

Hi mama bok! So nice to hear from you.
I wish I could send you some of this fig jam.