Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Sweet Seasons / September 2008 - Hagi (Japanese Bush Clover) -

"Hagi (Japanese Bush Clover) in Autumn" by Nishigawaya

When we see these tiny, pinkish purple flowers at the end of summer, we realize that the sunshine is somewhat milder in the daytime and crickets are already rehearsing for their autumn concert.

This wagashi is what is called joyo manju. Manju is sort of like thin-skinned steamed bun with sweetened bean paste filling inside. And what is special about this variety, joyo manju is its moist skin. It is very moist and fluffy because rice flour is used in place of wheat flour and grated yam is added. It's just something I know. (Hooked on "Ugly Betty" recently.) ;)

The green part on top is kanten jelly, according to the woman at the wagashi shop. At first, I thought that they left the manju on top of the jelly until the jelly was completely set, and then turned it upside down to sprinkle with the cute little pink topping. But seeing how the jelly covers the white manju skin, maybe that was not how they made it...

Anyway, to me the pink topping didn't look like real flowers when at the shop, but after I combined the photo of this manju with that of real hagi flowers (see above), I went, "Wow!" Gosh, wagashi confectioners are really observant, aren't they?



Marcela said...

Wow was exactly what I said as I saw your photo...

K and S said...

wow very beautiful, I am hooked on "ugly betty" too :)

Amelia Yap said...

The Hagi flower detail is amazing!
It looks too pretty to eat!

obachan said...

Glad to hear that you liked it. :)

K & S
Now that regular NHK (not BS) runs Ugly Betty, I can enjoy it for free. I don't have to rent DVD at TSUTAYA any more. Yay! :D

Amelia Yap
Yep, pretty flowers. (The pink topping was rather tasteless, though.)

Anonymous said...

obachan, your gorgeous posts always remind me of the beautiful seasons and colours in japan, thank you.

obachan said...

Oh, Thank YOU. I really want to improve my photo skills so that I can "capture" the seasonal beauty here... I wish I were as talented as you!