Thursday, October 02, 2008

When I Need Healing -2

Chicken Curry @Masala in Ya-Shii Park, Yasu cho, Kochi, Japan

No, it's not that chicken curry is included in my list of "things that heal me." This curry was a total whim. The main purpose of the afternoon was to try out the two things that are on the list: 1) listening to the sound of the waves and 2) lying on the grass (in the shade) and looking up the blue sky. Sounds good? But there aren't many places where I can do both 1) and 2) at the same time. I knew only one place, which was this seaside park called Ya-shii Park.

From this angle, probably you can tell that I was lying on the grass when I took this shot.

Onigiri (rice balls) Bento I brought to the beach

This was not included in my original plan. I decided to bring lunch with me at the very last minute, and this was probably the simplest bento I've ever made. I just put chopped pickles in these rice balls, and pan-fried the pork after seasoning it with miso and mirin. You have to give me credit for making all these within approximately 5 minutes. Really.

And you ask me, "You brought onigiri lunch AND had the chicken curry, too?" The answer is YES. Believe me, those rice balls were very small, and I got hungry again real easily after relaxing in the gentle breeze and taking these photos for about half an hour.

Then I remembered that there was a good curry place there in the park. I peeked in my wallet and found just enough money to buy the cheapest most affordable chicken curry, so I thought it was the sign telling me to go for it.

A view from the curry place.

I love their naan.

The breakfast the other day was certainly nice. And spending an afternoon like this also heals.



Anonymous said...

Just beautiful. Is that the places where you go fishing? BTW, I was told by the salesperson to use "yaki" nori to make musubi. Is that correct? When I don't eat them right away, the nori that I use gets a little tuff on the musubi. It gets a little challenging with every bite of the musubi. -lance

K and S said...

great way to heal!!

Rosa's Yummy Yums said...

Yes, the best way to heal!



Anonymous said...

That's a beautiful spot you found, grass and water! Nothing like that where I live.

And there's nothing wrong with having two lunches - especially when you enjoy both of them :)

Anonymous said...

Hello, mom came back yesterday from Uwajima. She did bring back the "Jakoten" my fav! She also said it was very beautiful to see the ocean on Japan's side. Hey, I love onigiri whenever I travel somewhere too! nothin like it!

Amelia Yap said...

it's a beautiful beach!
Nice way to rest and relax... would love to do that right now :)

Is it far from Kochi city centre?

Anonymous said...

Wow! You're so lucky to live close to the ocean. And it's so beautiful there too! At least in the pictures, there wasn't any trash lying around. The beaches I've been to have always been crowded.

Anonymous said...

the US economy is so bad that we may need you for the soup lines. Nice beach.

Anonymous said...

wow! beautiful beach!

Anonymous said...

I want to go.WANT TO GO TOO...sobs.

lots of love from malaysiaelayne

 gmirage said...

Those are perfectly beautiful skywatch! You should join the meme skywatch friday...

I would love to have onigiri on a lovely day like that! Wow!

obachan said...

Hey! Nice to hear from you. I haven't gone fishing there yet, but I will soon. ;)

I don't know what kind of yakinori you have over there, but here yakinori is usually not seasoned and comes in sheets that you usually use for rolled sushi. For musubi, we usually use "ajitsuke nori" which is seasoned with soy sauce and sugar, etc. and pre-cut in strips.

Some of sheet nori here are "challenging" like you say, but over here, as far as you stick with ajitsuke nori, your musubi would not be too "challenging."

K & S
Yep! (Only if the train ride didn't cost that much...)

Yeah, Mother Nature is a great healer. (And good food, too.)

Thanks. I hope my photos would give you some "virtual" healing.

Oh, I can imagine how much you enjoyed jakoten. I'm glad that your mom had a great time in Uwajima.

And I agree. There's nothing like onigiri.

Amelia vap
That place is about 20 to 30 minutes by train from Kochi city center. Not too far, but one problem is that the train service is not very convenient.

Anonymous commenter
Now that you say that, yes, I didn't see much trash there. Much better than my hometown. The beach in my hometown is full of trash, which I'm not very proud of...

Well, we've heard a lot about US economy, but don't worry. Ours is not any better. LOL

Yep, it is! :D

Oh, don't cry. I'll take you with me (if you manage to fly to Kochi n pay for your round trip). ;)

Thanks for letting me know about skywatch friday. Yeah, that looks like a lot of fun.

Anonymous said...

Thank you. Thank you for the infor in which nori to use on musubi. No wonder the nori had a plain taste. I will look for the ajitsuke nori. -lance

Sheetal Kiran said...

Absolutely beautiful!