Sunday, May 15, 2005

Sashimi (Sliced Raw Fish)

刺身Sashimi (Sliced Raw Fish)

- 帆立の刺身Raw Scallop
As I posted before, I don’t like eating sashimi without rice, especially when it's fatty fish. This was what I could handle without rice.

BTW, it doesn’t show well, but behind the shiso leaf, there’s a heap of shredded daikon and cucumber.

For that, first you need to make real thin, paper-like strips of daikon (called katsura-muki). I know my katsura-muki is so laughable, especially using this kind of knife is stupid...;P


Anonymous said...

sheesshh, 'don't think I could make that paper thin..long time no hear Obachan. I have been very busy the past few months.. 

Posted by Ting Aling

Anonymous said...

Wow..!! that is paper think.. Obachan.. :) 

Posted by MrsT

Anonymous said...

you must have a great knife, too...haha.... 

Posted by carlyn

Anonymous said...

Ting Aling --- Hey, so nice to hear from you :) Sorry I haven't commented on your blog for quite a while.... That daikon wasn't really paper thin, so that's why I took its photo on a dark-brown plate so that it looks "as if" it's paper thin ;P

MrsT --- Naw, not that thin, to tell you the truth.

carlyn --- Well, this knife is only as big as a fruit knife and definitely not made for katsura-muki or slicing sashimi. Professionals would laugh so hard at my using this knife for those purposes. 

Posted by obachan