Thursday, November 29, 2007

Garden Report - November 2007 -


My plants are ... well, at least some of them are ... alive. :)

Blueberry and sweet marjoram

BTW, I'm a little worried now. In November, I emailed some people -- readers of my blog -- to answer their questions and/or to send recipes in English. Usually my readers email me back to say thank you. Well, there were times that the reader didn't respond, but it didn't happen very often. But after November 4th, I emailed 9 to 10 people, and only one of them responded. Now I'm wondering if my emails are being rejected or automatically deleted most of the time for a certain reason... like a virus infection??? (But running virus scan on my PC showed no infection.)

I'm writing this in case those who emailed me in November read this post:
I did send out English translations or URLs of the recipes (or related info.) for persimmon jam, langue de chat cookies, pumpkin cookies, hanami dango, rakugan (Japanese dry sweets), sweet potato apple pie, frozen persimmon and slow cooker recipes written in Japanese. If you haven't received my email yet, please let me know, because I can send it again from a different email account in case my hotmail account was the problem.



K and S said...

your garden looks great, shame on those people for not thanking you for those recipes :)

obachan said...

Haha, I posted the shots of good-looking plants only. Other plants on the balcony looks pretty much dead. Or shall I say, "They are patiently waiting for the spring."

Oh, no, I didn't mean to blame them for not showing gratitude. I'm really concerned about the possibility of virus infection, and also hoping that they are not still waiting to hear from me.

Anonymous said...

AH....I had to bring my herbs inside recently, because the weather has become cold in southern CA. My thai basil has shriveled up to almost nothing! :( way you can test your email: set up a temporary email address (at gmail or yahoo) and then using your normal email account, send an email to the new account that you made. Now you can check the new account to see if you received an email.

Otherwise, check your spam folder in your normal email account to make sure its not automatically putting some of your readers email into the spam folder.

If that doesn't work, maybe you so have a virus, and when u send email, your reader's email puts it in their spam folder automatically. What kind of anti-virus program do you use? The top 3 anti-virus: AVG (free), Avast (free), Kaspersky (the best, but you have to buy it).

K and S said...

I put a plastic cover on my parsley and take it off when the sun shines. I hope you don't have a virus on your mail account!

obachan said...

Thanks for your advice. Actually, I already tried sending emails from my hotmail account to my yahoo address, and also to another ISP address (and I don't use Outlook Express). It worked with no problem at all.

Hotmail is said to be protected by an anti-virus program called TrendMicro, and I have Norton Internet Security 2006 on my PC(, which slows everything down like hell :P).
And yes, I do check the spam folder compulsively.

So, maybe it was not virus?

K & S
Plastic cover? Good idea! :D